Sunday, 10 September 2017

Playlists 03-09-2017

Restless / Future Shock - Gillan
Burnt To The Ground - Horrorwood Mannequins
I'm Right Here - El Ten Eleven
Lady Velvet - Devil Electric
Until Falls The Rain - Crimfall
Rain - Josh Todd & The Conflict
Burn - Sinnergod
Worn & Torn - End Of Green
Brought To Ruin - Phantom Sea
End Of Our Days - Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Suns
Something Buried - The Spinoff
Architect Of Fortune (live) - Circus Maximus
Caught Up - Buffalo Go
K Town - Downpipe
Lets Be Friends - Jaww
I Walk The Void - Timeless Wounds
Storm Son - Enslaved
Aphosis-Black Dragon - Belphagor
More Than Magic - Prey Drive
Absolve - The Contortionist
All The Pretty Girls - The Darkness
Shepherd - Protosequence
Sea Of Time - A Devils Din
Angels & Demons - Sinicle
One More For The Road - The New Roses
Sunshine Of Your Love - Smack
Cemetery Gates - Pantera
Full Of Blood - The Great Russian Empire
Ticket To Nowhere - Electus
History Of A Drowning Boy - Cranely Gardens
Ghost Of A Rose - Blackmores Night
We Can Rule The World - The Nights
Satellite - Starset
The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene

Extended Play #53
Military Man - Gary Moore
Skeleton In The Closet - Bob Kulick
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Exit Eden
Infatuation Overkill - Grave Pleasures
Mine To Reap - Portait
Got Me Running - Steelheart
Kneel Before You Die - Left For Red
Blackness From The Stars - Planet Eater
Through These Darkened Halls - Buried Realm
Aral Sea - Cegvera
Invisible Self - Hermits Maze
Five Moons - Ian Gillan Band
Join The Party - Alien Stash Tin
Built By Dogs (Pts 1 & 2) - Leviathan Owl
Red Flags - Fires
A Note To Me (acoustic version) , Corroded
Breathe You In (acoustic version) - Ashton Lane
Bad Penny - Rory Gallagher
Europa - Santana
The Sin & The Sentence - Trivium
Ain''t No Rest - Wicked Stone
One In A Million - Vs
Hippycrate - Janet Gardner
Take Hold Of The Flame (live) - Queensryche
Doomsayer - King Leviathan
Brace For Impact - Power Theory
Sex Witch - The Order Of Chaos
Thrown To The Floor - Solid State
None Of Your Fucking Business - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
Disciples Of The Dark - Sorcerer
Die Baby Die - Kadavar
Deep Calleth Upon Deep - Satyricon
Far Gone - Das Fluff
Wake Up Little Suzi - Suzi Quatro

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