Friday, 19 August 2016

Playlist 14-08-2016

Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
Criminally Insane - Slayer.
Prime Mover - Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction
I Worship Chaos - Children of Bodom
Razamanaz - Nazareth.
Death Trap - Hawkwind.
Fire - Dorja.
America Nights - The Runaways
Sex Junkie - The Plasmatics.
Common People - The Wurzels
Vanity - New Model Army
The Eight Day - Hazel O'Conner.
Monsters - Funeral For A Friend
Heaven Is A Halfpipe - OPM
Last In Line - Dio
Higher Circles - Pendragon
King Of Morning, Queen Of Day - The Horslips
Easy Living - Uriah Heep.
The Vastness Of Life - Black Tape For A Blue Girl
Himmelstrummer - Megaherz
Bloodkiss - Cauda Pavonis.
Resist And Bite - Sabaton
Blackheath - Demon
Susperia (Daemonia Remix) - Goblin.
Wasted Years - Iron Maiden
In The Name Of Metal - Bloodbound
Lost Johnny - Motorhead
Sweet Remain - Vista Chino
Dark Horse - Converge
Fly The Flag - Stiff Little Fingers.
War Stories - Starjets
The Rascal King - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
New Religion - Black Veil Brides
All The Devils Toys - Deathstars
Lonely Night - Magnum
Another Love Song - Best Boy Electric
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) - Blue Oyster Cult
Two Track Stereo, One Track Mind - Slade.
Be Aggressive - Faith No More
Signal To Noise Ratio Error - Quarkspace.

Playlist 07-08-2016

Queens Of Noise / I Love Playing With Fire - The Runaways
Sorceress - Opeth
I Apologize - Five Finger Death Punch
I Ain't Going Back Again - King 810
You Make My Motor Run - Alien Stash Tin
Buried - Blank Atlas
Night Killers - Mechanized Warfare
I Want To Live - Skillet
Communication Breakdown - Led Zeppelin
FRFGT - Killatrix
Snakes And Ladders - Deadset Dream
Vitrification of Blood (Pt 1) - Blood Incantation
After The Flags - Area 11
Hey Susan - Blisterpak
Frozen Battleground - Synaesthesia
Prayers For The Damned - Sixx A.M.
War of The Gods - Chariots Of The Gods
Everybody - Don Broco
Waiting In The Rain - X-Method
Revival - A Room Swept White
Laugh Of The Tsar - Scythia
Satanus  Morti - Covenant
Pilo - Lords Of Misrule
Sovereign - Carcer City
Swarm - Abnormality
To The Wolves - Grey Wolves Grin
Subdural Bleeding - Neurogenic 
Leaving Home - The Tips
Sanctimony - SAHG
Rotting In Vain - Korn
Chains Of Solitude - Reject The Sickness
Delirium - Lacuna Coil

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Playlist - 31-07-2016

This show was a preview for the Solarsphere Music and Astronomy Festival, and featured an interview with festival founders Pete Williamson and Sarah Jones.

Paris Is Burning / Arrive Alive (Eyes In The Night) - Pallas
Show Me A Leader  - Alter Bridge
Revolution - Crossfaith
Glitches - Everytime I Die
You Make My Motor Run - Alien Stash Tin
Not The One - V0iD
Sonic Seven Kiss - Hawklords
Consequences - Martriden
Father Tongue - Diving Bell
Last Chance - Maxwell's Dead
Black Rain - Solar Sons
Potion Of Life - Time of the Sinners
Viva Che - Anti-Pasti
Sin For Me - Grey Wolves Grin
Africa - The Lounge Kittens
Your Animal - Illustr8ors
I Speak  Astronomy - Jinjer
Devil - New Model Army
Master Of War - Dust Bolt
Death To False Metal - Severe Warning
Slow Death - Carnifex
When the Everlasting Gardens Die Away - Xaon
Burning Man - NFU
Hearts On Sale - Crystal Palace
The Ballad Of William Kidd - Blackbeard's Tea Party
Hold On - Skies
Nevermore - Crystal Ruin

Playlist 24-07-2016

Wall Street Shuffle / The Second Sitting For The Last Supper - 10cc
Hurricanado - Evil Scarecrow
My Night Sky - DevilDriver
Paradox Spheres - Naioth
Expiration Date - Fear Factory
Winter - New Model Army
44 Stone Jenny - Molly's Daggers
Sit Stay Roll Over - Jinjer
Iron Eagle - Iron Fire
Doomed Woods - Vow of Thorns
Father Tongue - Diving Bell
Into Darkness, Into The Unknown - Lock Howl
Derailed - Green Beers
Shockwave Asylum - Far From History
Stitches - Kamikaze Girls
Satanus - Sarcofago
Fisticuffs Of Frederick Street (live) - Toy Dolls
Monster - Signs Of Chaos
Portraits Of Decay - Dust Bolt
Get Off My Back - Animosity
The Battle Of Morning Star - Necromancing The Stone
Almost Gone (Live) - Walter Trout
Ganzua - DeepShade
On My Mind - The Spitfires
Cut & Run - Valient Thorr
The Black Hammer - Brymir
Mondays Fool - Itchy Teeth
Bad Vibes - Despised Icon
No Aception Imitacones - Brujeria
Crow - Zodiac

Friday, 22 July 2016

Playlist 17-07-2016

Go / Don't Cry - Asia
We Drink Your Blood (live) - Powerwolf
Hell Raising Woman (live) - Crazy Lixx
Breaking Out of Hell - Airbourne
Battle of Bannockburn - Sabaton
Somethings Wrong - Deadeye Navigator
The Chairman - BirdPen
War Zone - World War Me
Devils Calling - Parkway Drive
Heartbreak - The Amity Affliction
Guantanamo Bay - Crafty Beggars
Empire Over - Circa
Father Tongue - Diving Bell
Hero - Sintasia
The Warlock - Elder Druid
Get Out Of Me - Dwas
Universe Of Life - Feeder
50,000 Dead - The Enemy
Lester Fiddled The Taxman - Toy Dolls
The Angel Of Rain - Medevil
Mind The Gap - Dust Bolt
Government Don't Care - The Johnnies
Through It All - From Ashes To New 
You Bring Me Down - Henika
Fire With Fire - Delain
Wild Ones - Room 94
Haunted - Vanity Draws Blood
The Desert's In My Blood - Adolyne
Beat It - Annisokay
Bronsegud - Kvelertak
Hold My Heart - Breathe In The Silence
Bloodletting On The Kiss - Bloody Hammers

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Playlist 10-07-2016

Our Song / Don't Kill The Whale - Yes
Battle of Arcane Might - Twilight Force
Lost And Alone - From Ashes To New
American Numb - Decipher Life
The City Aint The Same - Biters
Yet Another Dole Queue Song - !Action Pact!
Kids In Tyne And Wear - Toy Dolls
Divide - Sonance
Judgement Day - Cosmic Ninja
Ignorance - Well Dressed Thief
The Stormy Sea Set - The Highway Home
Biolith - Third Ion
Father Tongue - Diving Bell
Running - Castlestreet
Welcome To The Thunderdome - Sentinel
Neverending Silence - Selene
The Haunted Mansion - Gomoria
New World Order - Q5
Cloudrider - Trick or Treat
Dry Your Eyes - Thiscityisours
Blind To Art - Dust Bolt
T.V. Movie - Slowguns
Follow You - Zodiac
Flying Alone - Hammers Of Misfortune
Cleaving Giants Of Ice - Revocation
Primetime - Keychain
Here Come The Infidels - Stuck Mojo
So Gone So Dead - Salems Pot
Don't Touch The Night - Phantom 5
The Spirit of '58 - Argument City
Hollywood - Mouses
Obelisk - Calling Apollo

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Playlist 03-07-2016

This show featured a studio interview with Mordrake..

Market Square Heroes / Hooks In You - Marillion
Ashes - Shade Empire
Palm Dreams - Touche Amore
Breathing Failure - Feared
Lost - Death Angel
Seven Deadly Saints - Powerwolf
Ash Tray Face - Acquiesce
I Am Broken - Pantera
Closer - (Hed) P.E.
A Very Dark Place - Spiral
Father Tongue - Diving Bell
From Darkness - Eluveitie
Fire - Dorja
Time - Wintersun
Sod The Neighbours - Toy Dolls
Blood Stained Winter - Mordrake
Turned To Grey - Dust Bolt
Electroschock - Dangerous Rhythm
Breathe - Awaking Hyperia
Daggers - Lost Avenue
End of it All - Selene
Remember Me - The Birthday Massacre
Work Ethic - Anion
The Business Of Hate - Stuck Mojo
Our Lady Of Bad Council - Servers
We Are Vampires - Palace Of The King
You Call This A Happy Meal? - The Decline
Night On A Bald Mountain - Wolf Hoffmann