Sunday, 18 February 2018

Playlists 11-02-2018

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Too Young To Fall In Love / Dr Feelgood - Motley Crue
Flames - Burnt Out Wreck
The Brave - Drirty Thrills
Change Your Position - Tax The Heat
Aftermath - Templeton Pek
Black & White - Salem
The Thunder Rolls - All That Remains
Money - Galaxy Thief
Latex Lover - Vice Squad
Surgical Cocoon - English Dogs
One Song - Dirty Rotten Soundrels
Dark Ages - Jethro Tull
Another Turn Of The Screw - Desolation Angels
The Only Coke I Need Is Cola - Life Story Piracy
Heart And Soul - Micheal Schenker Fest
Haunted By Design - Myles Kennedy
At The Roller Rink - Skeletal Shakes
Eric Claptop - THC Dreams
Maverick - Reventuure
Wayland - Cauda Pavonis
Hammerforged - Visigoth
Life 69 - Hairy Chapter
First Kill - Amon Amarth
Night Reborn - Therion
Die Finstere Nacht - Qntal
We Do Not Resist - Orphaned Land
N Parking - Gold
Wide Eyes - Desert Mountain Tribe
Love Falls - Hellyeah
Iron Crown - The Crown
Increase The Preasure - Conflict
You Think Your Soooo Cool - Overhung

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Workshop Of Telescopes - Blue Oyster Cult
A Life Lost - Devolver
Tears of Christ - Ektomorf
The Wreckers - Greber
Hustlin' Hate - Murkocet
Bound By Stars - Karkaos
White Knuckle Circus - The Stone Fox
Worthless - Thuum
Hallowed Shakes - Ursus
Outlive Them All - Visigoth
Little Demon - Rick Springfield
Mindfucker - Monster Magnet
The Chequered Flag (Dead or Alive) - Jethro Tull
Kanig Der Welt - Karat
Mystic Queen - Camel
With Our Own Eyes - Illacrimo
Train Song - Pentangle
Once Upon A Day - Outwards
Golf Girl - Caravan
Blame It On The Money - b.d.Gottfried
Army Of Me - Bjork & Billy Cobham
How Dare You - Electric Six
The Luddite - Corrosion Of Conformity
Story Of My Life - Josh Todd & The Conflict
Times They Are A Changin' - Vice Squad
Developing Detachment - Stand Out Riot
Draped Over Tombstones - Seprevation
Under The Sun - Anti-Cimex
Joy Division Oven Gloves - Half Man Half Biscuit
Sweet Tooth - Faceplant
Death Eternal - Pleasure Toys
A Cog In Their Machine - English Dogs
Overkill - Motorhead
Errol Flynn - Dogs D'Amour
Rock With A Policeman - The Goodies
Racing On Mainstreet - Thundermother

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Playlists 04-02-2018

 BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Red Hot Lovin' / Mad Men - Black Oak Arkansas
It's Killing Me - Shields
Love Tape - Jakub Zytecki
Cry Of The Sirens - Ward XVI
Kaleidoscope - Machine Head
From The Gallows - Paradise Lost
Vendettas - King 810
Death Before The Mast - Alestorm
Flying Dolphins - Soniq Theater
Crosswords - Lione Conte
One Song - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Fever Island - Naked Raygun
Ice - Camel
Big Big Thing - The Nothin' Man
Path of the Heirophant - Barque
Painted Demons - Realms
Sex Machine - Overhung
People Like Us - Shiraz Lane
Low Am I - Zoneouts
Holy Diver - Deep Red River
Red Cold River - Breaking Benjamin
Salt City - Visigoth
Abendstimmung - Karat
Temple of the New Jerusalem - Therion
None Of This Is Right - The Rocket Dolls
Karma - Maison Book Girl
Come Out To L.A. - Don Broco
False Light - Cabal
Trampled Down Below - Black Label Society
Fighting For Everything - Trucker Diablo
Echoes From Nowhere - Zifir
Simpso' Clock - Jay Foreman
Mama, Wear All Crazy Now - Mama's Boys

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Master Of The Universe - Hawkwind
Sign of the Dragonhead - Leaves Eyes
Strange Days - Dukes Of The Orient
Before Dawn - Distant Horizon
The Show of Our Lives - Caravan
Lady Lost In Time (live) - Labrynth
Locomotive Breath - Jethro Tull
Real - Low Orbit
Who Are We? - Camel
Black Moon - Insolvency
Fafnersbane - Grimner
Terminus - Letters From The Colony
Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue) (2017) - WASP
Steel & Silver - Visigoth
Uncomfortable - Scalefighter
Tripled Anger - Bleeding Gods
Hex - Hudsult
Men of Odin - Armored Dawn
Dancing In The Ruins - Blue Oyster Cult
One Song - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Reformation - b.d. Gottfreid
Country Death Song - Violent Femmes
Cranked Up Really High - Slaughter And The Dogs
Two Sides - No Politics
Braincell Battle - Anti-Cimex
I Like Boys - Snifters
R.K.O. - The Larry Fish Experiment
Garageland - The Clash
Among The Thorns - Tralineate
Runaway - Rose Tattoo
Komet - Megaherz
Queen of Holywood - Demon

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Playlist 28-01-2018

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
15 Minutes of Fame / Back To The Drive - Suzi Quatro
Condemed To The Gallows - Between The Buried and Me
One Song - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Trapped In A Cult - Borrowed Time
Sick - Fallen Child
Feel It More - Bailer
Analog Man - Accept
Om Asato Ma Solgamaya (live) - Sergeant Thunderhoof
Loosing Ground - Feed The Rhino
Victims Of A Bomb Raid - Anti-Cimex
Magic Spark - Hail Taxi
Cookies - Jay Forman
Welcome To Hell - Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
Fylgisflog - Hamferd
Safari - Soniq Theater
They're Coming They're Coming - Black China Dolls
The Priest Who Sold His Soul - Dislocator
A Wolf In My Heart - Heidevolk
Erasing Contrast - Letters From The Colony
Jesus Was An Athiest - Rick Springfield
Black Legend - Mike LePonds Silent Assassins
Lara - The Pearl Hearts
Golf Girl - Caravan
Baby Punker - Snifters
Metal To The Bone - Thy Antichrist
Grace & Rage - Nearly Liars
Chapters - EmbolusNZ
Heuschreche - Dysfunctionals
Round and Round - Spunking Octochoke
The Cross - Mary & The Ram
Forest Party - Rumahoy
So Long - Shamans Harvest
Machine - Skindred
Bomber - Girlschool

NOTE - Due to technical issues the was no Rock Druid this week.

Playlists 21-01-2018

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Ironfist / (Don't Let Me) Grind Ya Down - Motorhead
Zombie - Bad Wolves
Komet - Megaherz
Zombie Attack - Tankard
One Song - Dirty Rotten Scoudrels
Talkin - Scalefighters
Your Life - Hollywood Undead
The King Wants You - Avatar
The Hum - Krankschaft
Dusk Til Dawn - Cauda Pavonis
Welcome To Hell - Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
Monuments To Nothing - Frost Giant
Until Before After - In The Nursery
Damaged Goods - Polluted Brain
Sexual Swearwords - Hollow Thumb
Samis' Afro - The Larry Fish Experiment
Whatever - Thundermother
Three Little Birds - Deep Dark River
Stygd - Hamferd
Satellite - Audrey Horne
Age de Confussion - Satan Jokers
Empire - Escape The Fate
Swallow Your Teeth - Miss May I
Estarpedo Na Basta - Sacrificio
The Fun House - F.K.U.
Mr Johnsons Hell Hounds - Hierarchy
Snifter - Rosko
Waiting - Boom & The Tiny Explosion
94 Hours - As I Lay Dying
Need - The Amsterdam Red Light District
Grieve - Carrier
White Flag - The Oppressed
Surf & Slam - Suicidal Tendencies

 Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Astronomy - Jethro Tull
Ghost - Deadly Circus Fire
Warrior Queen - Visigoth
The Things We Believe In - Orden Ogan
Consume - Polaris
Dear Lucifer - Monolord
Scourge - Calligram
Nice Things - Spunking Octochoke
Three Thieves - The Nothin Man
When The Waters Rise - Trucker Diablo
Ward XVI - Ward XVI
Pass The Gun Around - Alice Cooper
Whats Going On (live) - Ashton Lane
Pentangling - Pentangle
Watcher of the Skies (live) - Genesis
Fear Of Flies - The Angry Badgers
Join The Party - Alien Stash Tin
Soul of Madness - Eisley Goldy
Subject A - Rayne
Drown - Track & Field
Police Bastards - Doom
Deaths Hand - Defeatism
Transports Pigs - Migraines
London Calling - The Clash
Stop and Go - Spittah
Rehab Is For Quitters - Rick Flag & The Vindicators
Street Fighting - English Dogs
Deathcap - Kamikaze Girls
Cheap Wine For Sad Guys - No Insight
Sunday Stripper - Cock Sparrer
Shooting Shark - Blue Oyster Cult
United By Hatred - Destruction
Slayers - Fit Of Rage
Ten Green Bottles - Jay Foreman
Lost Johnny - Motorhead

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Playlists 14-01-2018

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Elected / Freedom - Alice Cooper
(We Are) The Road Crew - Motorhead
We Fight For Rock 'n' Roll - Thundermother
Dogs of God - Fit of Rage
There Must Be A Way (live) - Mesh
Joie De Vivre - Seep Away
Shes A Dirty Love - Burnt Out Wreck
Deep Red - The Angry Badgers
Over You Tonight - Everafter
Hanging On (live) - Michael Schenker
This Is All Falling Apart - The Kahless Clone
Welcome To Hell - Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
Eternal Sleep - Acid Mammoth
God Knows - American Glutton
Execution - Still
Warmonger - Mastiff
Atlas - Chrysalis
Hammers of Vulcan - Execration
Moon - Turnstile
Downtown - Nelson Can
Gonna Have A Cool Time - They Called Him Zone
Tvstevndur Meldur - Hamferd
Me Gusta Ser Una Zorra - Las VulpaSS
Love App - Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham
Demonized - Heretic
Preacher - Continents
Fire - Carry The Crown
D-evil - Bulletboys
Lucid - Polaris
A Bitter End - Novelists
The Awakening - Templeton Pek
Time Runs Out - Phoenix Calling
Gravity Chasm - Conan

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) - Blue Oyster Cult
Sunset On Cruelty - Porn
Sar Isatum - Sar Isatum
Wasteland - Five of the Eyes
Dora The Female Explorer - Stackridge
Among The Black Sands - Ostrum Nex
Pussy Willow (live) - Jethro Tull
Prohibited Arias (live) - The Orange Show
When The Sour Turns To Sweet  Genesis
Chem Trails - Krankschaft
Vendi Mi Alma - Sacrifcio
Devil Whore (live) - Sergeant Thunderhoof
Ticket To Everywhere - Soniq Theater
My Friend Is Golden - Attrition
Love Like Broken Glass - Cauda Pavonis
King Of The Damned - Liv Sin
Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper
Just Go - Theia
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Exit Eden
Styd - Hamferd
Touch and Go - Intervals
L'Appel Du Vide - Novelists
Welcome To Hell - Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
English Civil War - The Clash
World Report - Edge of Despair
Broken Engrams - Swedish Death Candy
Government Flu - Dead Kennedys
Dart - Blacklisters
Class War - English Dogs
Long Gone - Bailer
Johnny Barden - The Last Resort
Prius Lady - Two and a Half Stars
Necessary Evil - Motionless In White
Bleed For - Stormbringer
Night Terrors - The Order Of Chaos
N.I.B. - Black Sabbath
Sydney Girls - Rose Tattoo
April Rain - The Iron Horses

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Playlist 07-01-2018

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
This show announced the short list for our Album of the Year 2017 award. For a list of contenders and competition rules click here...
London's Burning / This Is England - The Clash
They Live - Acid Mammoth
Rocking Man - Burnt Out Wreck
Retribution - Doris Brendel / Lee Dunham
Forgive Me Not - Frost Giant
Interstellar Highway - Krankschaft
Pulidores de Tumbles - Sacrificio
Welcome To Hell - Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
Just Breathe - Metasoma
Born Again - Beast In Black
When Time Stood Still (live) - Sergeant Thunderhoof
Departure - Soniq Theatre
Animal - Spunking Octochoke
The Little Men - The Nothin' Man
Born Trucker - Trucker Diablo
Toy Box - Ward XVI
Frosthvav - Hamferd
American Dreams - Papa Roach
Shields - Jayce Lewis
Betray & Degrade - Seether
Ahoy - Rumahoy
Requiem (We Will Remember) - Saxon
Yawm Al Qiyamah - Krysthia
Lvgvs - Eluveitte
Feed It - Hellbros
School Of Health - Year Of Birds
Sex and Thrash - Toxic Violence
Rhinestone Cowboy - The Urban Voodoo Machine

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Southern Stars - Rose Tattoo
The Worst In Me - Bad Omens
Graves - Blackout
Eternal Recurrence - Execration
Not A Rescue - Imminence
Paparazzi - Exit Eden
Mechanical Man - Cauda Pavonis
Mist Of Doom - Acid Mammoth
Burnt Out Wreck - Burnt Out Wreck
I Rather Wear Black - Doris Brendel / Lee Dunham
Prisoner Of The Past - Frost Giant
The Devil Inside - Cheap Moonshine
People Watcher - Phantom Phunk
Fire and Blood - Samarkind
Maschine - November 13th
Tommy Gun - The Clash
Yankin' Yr Chain - Remwar
Safe - Matai
Caveman Brain - English Dogs
Every Word - Burnt Tongues
Butts - Spunking Octochoke
Token Beef - Throwing Stuff
Stars And Stripes Of Corruption - Dead Kennedys
Don't Drive My Car - Status Quo
Just A Little Bit More - Raintimes
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed - Genesis
Tree Of Life - Tragul
Broadsword - Jethro Tull
The Magician - Jono
Playing For Keeps - Across The Atlantic
Out Of The Blue - Drew Davidsen
Heaven Knows - Holding Absence
Hon Syndrast - Hamferd
The Devils Incubus - Sorcerer
Highly Evolved - The Vines

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Playlists 31-12-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
The Plague  / Wonderland - Demon
Badder Than Brooklyn - Decatur
Manhunt - Divinity
The Witch Is Dead - Expain
Saga - Milet
Moonlight Sonata For Holograms - Kirlian Camera
Every Man Deserves The Right To Choose His Own Path To Hell - Numb
Endgame - A Higher Demise
Enamor - Bodhi
Scavenger Consuming Death - Cannibal Corpse
It's Been A Long Time Coming - Palace of the King
Listen - Patrons
Mother - Cripper
Akephalos - Dawn Of Disease
Tribulation Nation - Kadavar
Another Round - Wicked Stone
Get High - Tom Williams
Smoke - The Young Hearts
Sirens - Sorcerer
Budapest - Jethro Tull
Our Words Are Golden - Krankschaft
I Still Believe In Anarchy - The Exploited
Animals Aren't People - Jay Foreman
Auld Lang Syne - Girlschool
Renegade - Hollywood Undead
Year Of The Tiger - Myles Kennedy
Silver Machine (live) - Hawkwind & Phil Campbell
Heavy Metal Machine - Pretty Nowhere
Affliction - Skarlett Riot
The Cease To Be - RAM
I'm The One - Amberian Dawn
Mission Missile - Accuser
Human Carrying Capacity - Harms Way
Freedom Finder - Ammunition
Another Dead Rockstar - Vantablack Warship
Welcome To The Madhouse - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Solid Ball Of Rock - Saxon
Hail To The King - Almanac
Vorhang Auf - Megaherz
Dead To Me - The Dark Element
The Trigger - Sparzanza
Multikulturell - Nachtblut
Beast In Me - Skorched
White Butterfly - InMe
Nine To Five Freakshow - Cauda Pavonis
Feeling Alright - Bullfrog
Counting Out Time - Genesis
New Sun - Perihelion Ship
Our Words Are Golden - Krankschaft
You Better Believe It (live) - Hawkwind
Stargazing - Friday Fields
People In The Sky -Alien Stash Tin
Business As Usual Is Not On The Menu - Kickshaws
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais - The Clash
Both Ways - Spunking Octochoke
The Universe Is Full Of It - The Tall Boy
Lay Down Your Arms - English Dogs
World Of Waste - Mother Culture
Each Dawn I Die - Infa Riot
(I'm In Love With The Girl Who Sells The) Socialist Worker - Katorga
Flesh & Blood - Citizen Fish
Red Rover - The Reed Effect
Down In A Hole - In Flames
Shipswreck - Legend of the Seagullmen
Audrevolution - Audrey Horne
Bad Boy For Love - Rose Tattoo
Turn Out The Lights - Bernie Torme
Holy Day - Easter Island Statues
Cut You Out - Broken Dreams Club
The Sooty Show - Jay Foreman
Goodbye To Another Year - The Urban Voodoo Machine