Saturday, 10 December 2016

Playlist 04-12-2016

Do You Still Believe In Rock And Roll / Space Rock Time Bomb - Crash Street Kids
Hands Of Time - Firewind
Cold December - Greybeards
Subject A - Rayne
Worms Wood - Our Hollow, Our Home
Evil Is Reborn - Kratornas
Born Strong - Madball
Wild Flower - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Shout - Scandroid
Winter Trilogy - Joolz Denby & Hemming Nugel
The One You Need - The SSS
Gypsy Woman - Wicked Gypsy
Kill The Lights - Johnny Deathshadow
Age Of Pigs - State Funeral
Do You Find Me Sadistic? - Operation Kino
Cloudburst - Kyros
Eddies Coming Out Tonight (live) - Night Ranger
Feels Like I'm Dying - Eternal Idol
Ave Maria - Hevidence
Glow - Idle Fret
Right Wing Scum - Razor Sharp Death Blizzard
Racist Copper - King Prawn
Easy Money - Crobot
Round & Round - Enuff Znuff
Rock The Cradle - Dario Mollo's Crossbones
Wait - Bear Attack Club
Unbeliever - Sister
A Means To No End - Destrage
Poor James Bond - Jay Foreman
The Impossible - Feeder

Extended Play Podcast

Kick Like A Mule - Tyketto
All Through The Night - Imperial State Electric
Witch Bitch - Cutlass
Your The One For Me - Headline Maniac
Sardine Attack - The Orions
Trust No One - DevilDriver
Above 179 - 1000 Mods
Daywalker - Nick Noro
Necessito Un Trago - Morbo
Toa of the Devil - Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band
Kick Ass Johnny - Dirty Ass
December - Solitude
Vozrozhdenie - Arkona
Warpath - Boris The Blade
Mereya - Candiria
Visions of Grandure - Lucid Fly
100 Voices - One Day Elliot
Cascade - Plini
Supernova - Candlebox
Lie To Me - Secret Sphere
Black Eyed Gods - The Well
Puncture - The Rooz
Wield Lightning To Split The Sky (live) - Primordial
He's In A Bad Way - Lastoneout
Devil Is Fine - Zeal & Ardor
Tastes Like Funk - I Set The Sea On Fire

Monday, 28 November 2016

Playlist 27-11-2016

This show featured a phone interview with Demon vocalist Dave Hill.

Night Of The Demon / Wonderland / Cemetery Junction / England Glory / Queen of Hollywood / Life In Berlin / Remembrance Day / The Grand Illusion / Fever In The City - Demon
Gladiator - Civil War
Built To Last - Hammerfall
When The Night Comes In - Black Star Riders
Fake Promises Can Change Everything - Mental Distress
Angels of Steel - Vader
Little Miss Common - Jabber Jaw
Pop Is My Prozac - Hentai Babies
This Year - Frank Turner
30% Werewolf - Bleak
Dying Indonesia - Lost Our Fears
Animals - Fizzy Blood
Ohio Wires - Rauschenberg
Kids Said Rock - Headmaster
Spit - Birdeatsbaby
Run Rabbit Run - Black Map
Enemy's Desire - Celeb Car Crash
Man In A Box - La Flingue
Choir of Stars - The Well
Push - Red Sun Rising
Deaths Realm - Science of Sleep
Skin Sofa - Jay Foreman

Extended Play Podcast
Bones - Eva Plays Dead
Spit You Out - Into The Fire
Glory - Idlewar
Far Stranger - Eujenics
Gods Of Violence - Kreator
Massive Demonic Killing Spree - Dethonator
Death's Motorway - Beast Of Prey
Another Night Comes - Eternal Idol
Through The Eyes Of The Wicked - Hostile
La Di Da - Vukovi
Bring Me Home - Whitechapel
Red Sky - The Parasite Syndicate
Svartmesse - Kvelertak
Dark Stains On Ivory - Aphyxion
Meltdown of the Orb - Domkraft
Shudder Before The Beautiful (live) - Nightwish
Full Dark, No Stars - Devilment
Rus - Arkona
Always - Heart Avail
Sometimes - City of Ashes
Shadowed Lines - A Sense of Gravity
Between The Eyes - Amon Duul II

Playlist 20-11-2016

April Spring Summer Wednesdays / Backwater - Status Quo
Aftermath (live) - Armored Saint
Omens Of Victory - Trollwar
Embrace - Apherium
Let Them Burn - Perdisian
Heavy Lies The Crown - Communal Grave
Turn On The Magic - Demon
We Got This - A Day To Remember
The Book - Graham Bonnet Band
Ephemeral - Downfall Of Gaia
Angels of Steel - Vader
Put Words - Misgivings
Stoner Juice - The Underground Pilot
Eyes Get Used To The Darkness - New Model Army
Drinking Song - Bleak
Bones - Eva Plays Dead
Empire Of The Sun - Palace Of The King
Fighter - Roth Brock Project
Guede Oich Zet - Drescher
Lost In Line - Sister
Tanta Furia - Birdeatsbaby
Mean Gasoline - Lautrec
Sad - Beautiful Sundays
Purve de Nois - Addenda
Bleed With Me - Johnny Deathshadow
I'll Fly With You - Three Lane Road
Holy Roller - The Workhorse III
Sworn To Fall - Hunters Moon
Pandemonium - Malacoda
Come And Get It - Canvas Wall
End of the Movie - Jay Foreman
Our Truth - Lacuna Coil

Extended Play Podcast
Explode - Vega
The Bastard - Them Country Bastards
Mommas Boy - Shiraz Lane
Chemical Hands - Skyharbor
The Iron Never Lies - Striker
Soldier Down - Kee Marcello
God Bless Video - Graham Bonnet Band
Louder Then God - Buzzard Canyon
Hostile - Chambers
Hypnosis - Cosmic Ninja
Like Sam In A Taxi - THC Dreams
Blind Lane - Annisokay
Funeral For A Firefly - The Reticent
Freedom of the Conscious Mind - Fraktions
Throne Of Iron - Distant Sun
Blackening - Endemise
Crimson Gate - Diabulus In Musica
Forever - Code Orange
Are You Listening - Brian MacKey
Come Home - Andrew Paley
Drawn By Blood - Dehumanised
Swollen Suns - Jericho
Guilty Pleasure - Monte Pittman
Once She Was - The Enid

Friday, 18 November 2016

Playlist 13-11-2016

This show featured a studio interview with The Dead Romantics

E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) / I Just Like To Be Bad - Blue Oyster Cult
Fight For Nothing / Take Me Under / Pills Pills Pills / Vanity / Walking Dead - The Dead Romantics
Don't Need You - Bullet For My Valentine
First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen
Who's Got A Match? - Biffy Clyro
Hypnosis - Cosmic Ninja
Dead Cell - Papa Roach
One Woman War Zone - Bleak
Bextwixt The Devil & Witches - Vircolac
Angels of Steel - Vader
Junkyards And Battery Acid - Boilerman
Ace of Spades - Motorhead
I Am The Enemy - Sepultura
I'm Not Ashamed - Tess Of The Circle
Thin Disguise - Demon
Having The Time Of My Life - Brabazon
Bones of God - Birdeatsbaby
I've Become You - Our Harbour
Bad Lucy - The Vitrines
Cardboard Love - The Hallows
All Hope Is Lost - Sleeptalking
Stampede (live) - Accept
The man Who Fell To Earth - The Agonist
Game Time - White Eskimo
Alan Sugar's Milky Bar - Jay Foreman
Take Me - Korn

Extended Play Podcast

Lines In The Sand - Wovenwar
As Life Slowly Fades - Evil Invaders
Where The Others Go - Awooga
Unborn - Red Cain
Axis Of Green - Boss Keloid
Lucid After Life - Time Killaz (ft. Merculese)
Acid Roulette - Scorpion Child
Hawkshaw - Truckfighters
Vanaheimur - Skalmold
Poetry In Motion - Nopes
Walls of Flesh - Face Of Oblivion
Dead Alive (Vibrant Skies Remix) - Burial Hill
Angelfuck - The Joy Formidable
Life Goes On - Skies Turn Black
Luvin' - Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band
Poison In Your Veins - Alter Bridge
Loud - Annisokay
The Sceptre - The Doomsday Kingdom
The Grey - Vektrill
Depravity Favours The Bold - Anaal Nathrakh
Turbulent - Pskii

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Playlist 06-11-2016

Invisible Sun / Synchronicity II - The Police
Shooting Star - Gojira
The Pale King - Testament
Paradox of the Modern Age - Meliae
The Last Witch Of Salem - Bleak
Sickening - Pretty Maids
Life Of Leisure - Affairs 
Pincushion Postcard - Cannibal Animal
Resolve - Apherium
Perpetually Doomed, The Sisyphean Task - Ion Dissonance
Crystal Clear - Hail Taxi
Nahemoth Death Plane - Nox Formulae
Oaken Weave - Accursed Years
Angels Of Steel - Vader
Smoke Signals - Cycle Schmeichal
Unten - Drescher
Blood For Blood - Machine Head
Otherside Of Midnight - FM
Deathbed Confession - Birdeatsbaby
Jagged Cross Legions - Serpentine Dominion
Queen of Hollywood - Demon
Fire In The Hole - Skid Row
All Come Hither - Domkraft
Strip Me Down - Indya
Reign of Dreams - Rivers Of Nihil
Snake Madness - Metropolis DC
Pull Me Out - The Bottom Line
Cadavers - Schnarff Schnarff
Blind - Vidorra
New Epidemic - Metro Riots
Power Lines - Tigress
Black Hole Star - Kee Marcello

Extended Play Podcast

Road To Victory - Civil War
Shapeshifter - Mortillery
Lady Darkness - 69 Eyes
Frejas Choice - Grand Magus
Hearts Desire - The Loft Club
Swallow The Wound - Vpaahsabrox
Violence Is All We Had - Riot At Monroe
Next To Strange - Lucid Fly
Miss Madness - Forever Still
Kill The Lights - Johnny Deathshadow
Fleshless In Real Time - Invertia
Crawling Dead - Dead Conspiracy
Destined To Fall - Aphyxion
A Different World - Korn (ft Corey Taylor)
Within Without - The Black Moods
Labyrinth (of Melting Thoughts) - From The Deep
Basilica - Between Angels and Idols
Capital Punishment - Almah
When Patsy Cline Was Crazy - Ricky Warwick & The Fighting Hearts
Carved In Stone - Sister
Our Finest Hour - Overkill
Gods To The Godless - Primordial
Red Shoes - Velvet Kills
Tormentor of the Flesh - Ravencult
World On Fire - Wovenwar
The Dream Incident - Wayne Calford

Live Set - The Thunderbolt, Bristol 02-11-2016

Silver And Cold - AFI
Lil Devil - The Cult
Heads - Dave Brock & The Agents of Chaos
D-Generation - Loud
Full Steam Space Machine - Royal Republic
Gothic Girl - 69 Eyes
Voices - Tragic Earth
Winter & The Storyteller - Tiger Please
Cities In Dust - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Dominion / Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy
The Day That Thatcher Died - Hefner
Ditch The Witch - Nasty Little Lonely
Siderwinder (2016) - Mournblade
Kids Lost It - Persuit
Bounce - System Of A Down
Bumping Heads - Jackson Caged
You Make My Motor Run - Alien Stash Tin
Mermaids & Manatees - Mouri
The Stealer - Free
Mary Of The 4th Form - The Boomtown Rats
Love Me Two Times - The Doors
Dominance & Submission - Blue Oyster Cult
Denim & Leather - Saxon
Firebomb Telecom - Underneath What
Cigarettes & Starfuckers - Crash Street Kids
Common People - William Shatner
Prime Mover - Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction
Big Arse - Xntrx Recordings
From Out Of Nowhere - Faith No More
Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Playlist 30-10-2016

This show featured a location interview with Pretty Little Enemy

Teenage Depression / Get Out Of Denver - Eddie & The Hotrods
Kingmaker - Pretty Maids
All Messed Up - The Amity Affliction
Petrichor - Downfall of Gaia
What Are You Thinking? - Red Light Runner
Vertibreak / What Makes You? - Pretty Little Enemy
Thin Sleeves - Grey Wolves Grin
Believe It - 3 Doors Down
Find Your Way Home - Riot At Monroe
Daytime N U - Falls
Endless Fire - Heaven's Decay
Supernova - Feed The Fire
Bronson - Old Boy
Domination - All Of This
Ruthless - Scowl
Russian Roulette - Tragic Earth
Extravaganza - Anaal Nathrakh
Ass In Pik - Drescher
Ascending - Jupiter Hollow
Shadows - Dreamarcher
Three Days Of Hell - Bleak
Caroline - Tax The Heat
La Junta - Trust
Take It All - Pop Evil
Nu Romantics - letlive
The Truth - In Flames
Circles Into Squares - Lucid Fly
Into The Hypernova - Wayne Calford
Bain - Diabulus In Musica
Drive - Demon
Ignite - Attila
Burned Out - Blues Pills
New Breed - Hammerfall

Extended Play Podcast (Halloween Special)

A Touch of Evil - Judas Priest
I Drew Skeletons - The Brides of Kong
Witches of Hex - Hex
Burning A Sinner - Witchfinder General
Don't Break the Circle - Demon
Reign In Blood - Slayer
The Warlock - Elder Druid
Mindcreeper - Goregast
Vampira - Osmium
The Deathcode Of The Devil Worshipers (pts 1-3) - Modern Funeral Art
Devils Whore - The Dynamite Pussy Club
We Drink Your Blood - Powerwolf
You Fucking Love It - Dirty Pretty Things
Demon Quiff - The Retarded Rats
Godzilla - Double Experience
Crabulon - Evil Scarecrow
Trick or Treat - Fastway
Blood Bathory - Casket Robbery
Clown - Mystica
Clown In The Mirror - Royal Hunt
Halloween - Helloween
Hop Toad - Blood Ceremony
Astaroth - Pilgrim
The Black Mass - Pagan Alter
Ritual - Night Demon
Blood of a Servant Girl - The New Jacobin Club
A Skull Full of Maggots - Cannibal Corpse
Hell Is For Children - Children of Bodom
All The Devils Toys - Deathstars
The Jester - Tredegar
6,6, Fucking 6 - Onslaught
Terror In The Nursery - Cauda Pavonis
All My Friends Are Corpses - Lupen Tooth
Viva Presidente Trump - Brujeria