Saturday, 18 February 2017

Playlist 12-02-2017

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / Jocko Homo - Devo
Cold War Love - Black Star Riders
How Did You Love - Shinedown
Monster - Kyros
Half A Billion Miles - Vagabond Spectre
One By One - As Lions
Ad Victorium (The Battle Of Zama) - Ex Deo
Salems Fate - The Raven Age
Fire Up Ahead - Ashton Lane
Evil Things - American Evil
It Burns At Both Ends - Meshiaak
State Of Flux - Nova Collective
Disappear Reappear - Squidge
Rotting My Teeth - Over To You
Cloud City - As The Sun Sleeps
Vida Robada - Hallazgo
Hang Em High - Havok
Aftermath (live) - Armored Saint
I'm Dead - Death Blooms
Chain Of Hope - Stevie Nimmo
Lord Devourer Of The Dead - Bear Mace
Mexico - Supersister
Why Don't We Do It In The Road - Satan Takes A Holiday
Vayu (live) - My Sleeping Karma
American Nightmare - Dead Eyes
Prisoner - Cut Throat
From Ear To Ear - Cut Up
At The Break Of Day - Azgard
Baker Street - Tragedy
Poontang Boomerang - Steel Panther
Things I Can't See - Rotten Mind
Bucks Boogie (live) - Blue Oyster Cult

Extended Play Podcast (Episode #24)
Take Me To Church - The Agonist
Heads Will Hang - Fit For An Autopsy
Stoned & Alone - Lung Flower
Pulse - Sacred Mountain
False Awakening - Deference
Love For Speed - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
March Of The Infected - The Darkhorse
War - Black Stone Cherry
Dirty Deeds  Done Dirty Cheap - The Lounge Kittens
Lead Me Astray - Wave Shadows
Just One Night - Brian MacKey
The Wars - Calling Apollo
Thorns - Pallbearer
I Think You Can Do Better - The Wild Things
I've Got The Time - Where Fires Are
Turn Off Your T.V. - Decade
Morbid Tango - Cosmosquad
Space Elevator - Klammer
Mountain Rescue - Neurotic Fiction
Good Evening Deacon - This Gun For Hire
Of Mind And Matrix - Allegaeon
Masks - Bear
Reduced To Zero - Memoriam
Beautiful Agony - Within The Ruins
The Engine - Soniq Theater

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Playlist 05-02-2017

One Way Or Another / Union City Blue - Blondie
Jerusalem - Black Sabbath
Supersonic Rock 'n' Roll - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Pain, Joy, Ecstasy, Disappear - SHVPES
Stayin' Alive - Tragedy
Ripped Apart And Reassembled - Nova Collective
Hit Me With A Bullet - Stephen Pearcy
Explicatory Homicide - Six Feet Under
Eternal Oath - Scythia
Rock Me Baby (live) - Walter Trout
Disappear Re-appear - Squidge
Fell Asleep Beneath The Raindrops - King Knit
True Love - Wave Shadows
Bury Me In Willow - Asia
Crucified - System Of Hate
Fasten Seat Belts - Soniq Theater
Cyclone of Shrapnel - Bear Mace
The Witch - The Sonics
Chosen Minority - Stalin Video
Goddamn Trouble - Overkill
Come On Down - Zeal & Ardor
Seasons Ending - Cope
Freedom Battle - Wytch Hazel
Karmadillo - Our Hollow Our Home
Move Mountains - Sumo Cyco (ft. Benji Webbe)
Emotion Kiss - Red Sun Rising
Justice Blood - Mental Distress
Trousers - Jay Foreman
Song For Devadip - Carlos Santana

Extended Play Podcast #23
Dark Night Of The Soul - Xandria
Eternally Yours - Motionless In White
Galactic Motherfucker - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Seen The City - Decipher Life
Prismatic Abyss - Aversions Crown
In Spite Of You - Birdeatsbaby
Sons Of Yesterday - Ghost Season
Pinnacle - Ghost Iris
Suffering The Radio - Hellbound Heart
You Are We - While She Sleeps
Fable - Joolz Danby & Henning Nugel
The Lost And Found - Billy In The Lowground
Drive On (I Wanna Know) - Raising Jupiter
Trigger Pulse - Kobra And The Lotus
Hurt - One Desire
Intermission - Bad Sign
Silent Music - Pride Of Lions
Is This The Way? - Best Boy Electric
A Man Dies - Synaptik
John The Revelator - Shaun James & The Shapeshifters
Albany - Spinning Coin
Poison Trust - Nick Johnston

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Playlist 29-01-2017

Edward The Bear / The Eight Day - The Damned
Era - Opeth
Monster At The End - Anthrax
Kingdom Of The Lost - Black Star Riders
Beyond The Matrix - Epica
Indifference - Body Package
Your Too Slow - False Advertising
Cripples The Truth - Decipher Life
My Little Rock & Roll - Danko Jones
Your Country Hates You - Disruptive Influence
Post Graduation - Coast To Coast
Feng Shui - Ozric Tentacles
Fast As A Shark (live) - Accept
State Of Mind - Elephantis
Post Millennia - Icarus Dive
Something A Little More Sinister - This Gun For Hire
Beat Them Hollow - Dreamarcher
Madman - My Son The Bum
Some Of Us - Kingbreaker
Crazy - Jack Russell's Great White
Medusa - Burnt Out Wreck
Love And Kisses - Nihilistics
Burning At The Stake - Aborted Fetus
Totalitarian Terror - Kreator
The Ravenous Storm - Gorephillia
War Of Voices - Ghost Season
Mascot - Lucid Fly
Schmerz - Kanzler & Sohne
One - The Survival Code
Racing Heart - The Murder Of My Sweet
Poor James Bond - Jay Foreman
Berlin - If These Trees Could Talk

Extended Play Podcast #22
Forever Militant - Walls Of Jericho
The Only Cure - Oni
Down On The Ropes - The Charm The Fury
Riding The Storms Of Hate - Pestifer
Someones Watching You - Demon
City Of Love - Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado
The Partisan - Mick Gordon
Hold My Hand - Tree
Tragic Little Girl - Roger Gomez
Demonic Attack - Deathwish
No Absolution - Thy Art Is Murder
Sacrificial Kill - Six Feet Under
Fotoromanza - Deluded By Lesbians
Hiraeth - Darko
The Rise Of Hannibal - Ex Deo
Lost For Words - Betraying The Martyrs
Daybreaker - The Unguided
Just To Make You Happy - Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Sons
My Name  Is Skulthor - Temptations Wings
Dead Like Me - Bleeding Through
Butcher Blues - Bleak
Lost In Forever - Beyond The Black
Sermon Of Wrath - Antromorphia
When We Were Young - Seasons
Santisima Muerte - No Zodiac
Equinoxe V (live) - The Shadows

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Playlist 22-01-2017

Kings of Metal / All Man Play On 10 - Manowar
Built To Last - Hammerfall
Vertigo - Eclipse
Soldiertown - Black Star Riders
Call Of Destiny - Xandria
Fire Of The Mind  - Hetaria Decrepita
Too Soon - January Thompson
Legacy - Death Valley Knights
Final Nail - Bleak
Witches Of Dreadmoor - Temptations Wingss
Fast As A Shark (live)- Accept
Portlands Pilgrims - Between The Buttons
I Smell Clutch - Numbskull Action
Doris - Suicide Silence
In God We Trustfund - Bungler
Twice Broken - All Else Fails
Nil Blu Dipinto Di Blu - Deluded By Lesbians
Becoming One - ENIME
Burnt Out Wreck - Burnt Out Wreck
I Want To Hold Your Hand - Moving Sidewalks
Silhouette - Warbringer
Popstar - Youth Killed It
Black Roses - Mother's Cake
Family Song - Pelander 
Queen of Hollywood - Demon
Space Cadet - John Garcia
March Of The Saint (live) - Armored Saint
The Night Is Young - Trigon
Time Stands Still - Unleash The Archers

Extended Play Podcast
Ship Of Doom - Xandria
Witch Hat - My Dynamite
Shadow - Johnny Deathshadow
Nighttaker - The Unguided
Next To Strange - Lucid Fly
Feral - Hometruths
Tongue Tied - The Hyena Kill
Living In FEAR - Marillion
Wrong Kind Of People - I Set The Sea On Fire
Skin & Bones - SHVPES
Mahalo Myhaylo - James Kruman
Back Again - Slyde
Outlaws- Kingbreaker
Swallow - Burnt Out Wreck
Monster - Starset
Old Norwegian Soul - The Wretched End
Splendour & Agony - Sinsaenium
Summon The Wolfpack - Invasion
Impending Doom - Dreamarcher
Save Me - In Flames
Tear It Down - A Higher Demise
Darkly Dreaming - They Say Fall
Roadtrip - The Gloria Story
Mesmerise - Courtesans
Ruin - Black Map
Song For Devadip - Carlos Santana

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Playlist 15-01-2017

Terror In The Nursery  / The Final Train - Cauda Pavonis
Familiar Hell - Battle Beast
Come On And Die - Fifteen Years
We Drink Your Blood (live) - Powerwolf
Kill Ritual - Grave Digger
The Ghost That's Haunting You - Trivium
Golden Age Of Rock And Roll - Best Boy Electric
Lookers - The Menzingers
Everything Depends Upon The King - Klammer
Fading - Slyde
Wolves Blood - From The Wolves
A Theatre Of Dimensions - Xandria
Fast As A Shark (live) - Accept
George, Don't Do That - Dirty Hippy
Bury Your Bones - Prevailer
Not Fragile - 88 Mile Trip
Song For Rachel - Alien Stash Tin
Born Feral - New Model Army
The Long Walk Home - Billy In The Lowground
Hit The Right Button - Heavy Metal Kids
Rockin' Man - Burnt Out Wreck
Twilight Zone (Bruce Dickinson Audition Version) - Iron Maiden
Worm Wyrm - Foxhol
Red - Mouri
Deathbed Confession - Birdeatsbaby
Wandering Light - Candiria
Russian Hotel Aftermath - Emmure
White Kids - Charlie Don't Surf
Unification of the Four Pillars - Necronomicon
Faces Of Glass - The Mist
The Lost And Found - Retro Youth
Dreams For Life - Poets Of The Fall
We Are The 0.01% - Jay Foreman
Another Yesterday - Energy

Extended Play Podcast
Our Rage Wont Die - Meshuggah
Mean Green Killing Machine - Overkill
Breathe You In - The Parasite Syndicate
Grind 'em Down - Alien Stash Tin
Wytch Hazel - Wytch Hazel
Bomb - Fueled Hate
Demon Preacher - Deathwish
Blossom - Mouri
Zealots Path - System of Hate
The Night - Screams On Sunday
Depths - Fall Of The Archetype
Revolutionary Soul - Derek Davis
The Hearts Reminder - Mark Daly
The Devils Looking Glass - Cauda Pavonis
Barbarian - Scythia
Calmer Waters - Zorzilla
Pink Noise - Lumer
In The Dead Of Night - Hardline
Motortalkin - My Dynamite
Crucified Tweenies - The Shelved
Death Church - Machine Head 
Ophiophagy - Aversions Crown
Engine Of Ruin - Killing Addiction
Isle Of Everywhere - Gong

Playlist 08-01-2017

This show featured the launch of the Album of the Year 2016 award. For details of the award and for a list of the 12 contenders visit

Monster / Alien Messiah - Pallas
She's Tight - Steel Panther
Obelisk - Duskwood
I Who Would Be King - Best Boy Electric
Meet Me By The River - Billy In The Lowground
Bones Of God - Bird Eats Baby
The Last Witch Of Salem - Bleak
Vacanze Romane - Deluded By Lesbians
Turn On The Magic - Demon
Meet You On The Astral Plane - Vow Of Thorns
Fast As A Shark (live) - Accept
Impending Doom - Dreamarcher
Sowers Of Discord - Kingbreaker
Paper Thin - Lucid Fly
Eternal Oath - Scythia
Killing Fields - System Of Hate
Dark Ages - Wytch Hazel
Retro Moon - The Blue Aeroplanes
She's A Dirty Love - Burnt Out Wreck
Workshitrz - Blunderpuss
The Way It Is - Spyplane
Miles Apart - Blank Atlas
Hollow Point - Non Human Era
Weak And Strong - New Model Army
Rival Leaders (live) - Exploited
Principe - Megaton
Sonic Freak - Acquiesce
Testify Or Say Goodbye - Black Star Riders
Blood Beer Whiskey Bullets - Siege UK
By My Side - The Interrupters
Peach Milk - Decade
Kimota Codeine - Lasso Moon

Extended Play Podcast 
Lawless - Black Coast
Death Of The Red Star - Within The Ruins
Astral Selection - Nycosia
Satan Is Real - Kreator
In Extremis - Belial
Black Rain - Demise Of The Crown
Destructive Currents - Immolation
To Whom I Await - Aversions Crown
Eyes Wide Open - I Am Fire
The Greatest Gift - Atlantica Vox
Monster - Kyros
The Reckoning - The Devil Sold His Soul
Children Of The Sun - Poets Of The Fall
We Salute You - Mouri
Join The Party - Alien Stash Tin
Groundhog Day - 1000 Mods
Odyssey - Jupiters Hollow
Switchblade - The Shadow Blasters
Dusk Til Dawn - Cauda Pavonis
Fractal Eternal Wheel - Ozrics Tentacles

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Playlist 01-01-2017

This show focused on the local Bristol music scene

Power Supply / Keeping A Rendezvous - Budgie
Broken Circle - Myst
Vicious Cycle - Vantablack
Throw Me A Bone - Nasty Little Lonely
Hypnosis - Cosmic Ninja
I Destroy - iDestroy
Fun Machine - Dave Purples Hot Wires
The Castle Walls - Doctor Nut
Guardians Will Return - Mordrake
Sunlight - Mouri
Carnival Noir - Cauda Pavonis
The Boy (Coming Home) - Alien Stash Tin
Black Tar Acid - Rauschenberg
Dropout - Acid Shark
Violence Is All We Had - Riot At Monroe
On The Dole - Rita Lynch
We're Still Here - Hacksaw
Am I Bothered? - The Mad Cows
I Loves You, I Fucks You, I Buys You Chips - Ye Gods
Dora, The Female Explorer - Stackridge
Common People - The Wurzels
The Veil - Ian Raggatt
Capes - Sonance
Running - Blank Atlas
Silhouettes and Sunsets - Rosetta's Ruin
Rat Race - Mind Museum
Time Travel - White Noise Radio
(We Are) The Walking Dead - The Dead Romantics
I Predict A Riot - Bonzo The Dog Doo Dah Band
Children Of The Sand - Onslaught
Satanus Morti - Covenant
Caroline - Tax The Heat
House Of Emerald Wine - Blackwolf
Secret Circle - Best Boy Electric
Toffee - Forgery Lit
Knights Of The Black Sun - Amebix
Shadows - Blitzkreig City
Timeless - Pskii

Extended Play Podcast (with guest co-host Liam Sweet)
Call For War - Grave Digger
True North - Bad Religion
Magnetic North - Alestorm
Rainbow In The Dark - Dio
D'yer Maker - Led Zeppelin
Where Eagles Have Been - Wolfmother
Dead Aeon Requiem - Red Cain
Uncle Pat - Ash
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers
Rockbuster - Steppenwolf
Octave Doctors - Steve Hillage
Burning Out - I Divide
Wizard Bones - Doctor Nut
Uranium Fever - Elton Britt
Confused State Of Mind - Billy In The Lowground
No One Wins - The Bezerker
Kid Gloves - Ottawa Hoax
K.E.B.A.B. - The Lovely Brothers
April Spring Summer Wednesdays - Status Quo
Cosmic Dancer - T-Rex
Where Theres Mods, There's Rockers - Vardis
Diamonds And Rust - Judas Priest
Be My Guitar - Doris Brendel
Lay It Down - Ratt
Pussy - Rammstein
Patron Saint (of Nothing) - Max Raptor
It Runs On Blood (Not Gasoline) - Dean Friedman
Can't Get My Head Around You - The Offspring
Big Truck - Trucker Diablo
Below The Sky - If These Trees Could Talk