Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Playlist 01-01-2017

This show focused on the local Bristol music scene

Power Supply / Keeping A Rendezvous - Budgie
Broken Circle - Myst
Vicious Cycle - Vantablack
Throw Me A Bone - Nasty Little Lonely
Hypnosis - Cosmic Ninja
I Destroy - iDestroy
Fun Machine - Dave Purples Hot Wires
The Castle Walls - Doctor Nut
Guardians Will Return - Mordrake
Sunlight - Mouri
Carnival Noir - Cauda Pavonis
The Boy (Coming Home) - Alien Stash Tin
Black Tar Acid - Rauschenberg
Dropout - Acid Shark
Violence Is All We Had - Riot At Monroe
On The Dole - Rita Lynch
We're Still Here - Hacksaw
Am I Bothered? - The Mad Cows
I Loves You, I Fucks You, I Buys You Chips - Ye Gods
Dora, The Female Explorer - Stackridge
Common People - The Wurzels
The Veil - Ian Raggatt
Capes - Sonance
Running - Blank Atlas
Silhouettes and Sunsets - Rosetta's Ruin
Rat Race - Mind Museum
Time Travel - White Noise Radio
(We Are) The Walking Dead - The Dead Romantics
I Predict A Riot - Bonzo The Dog Doo Dah Band
Children Of The Sand - Onslaught
Satanus Morti - Covenant
Caroline - Tax The Heat
House Of Emerald Wine - Blackwolf
Secret Circle - Best Boy Electric
Toffee - Forgery Lit
Knights Of The Black Sun - Amebix
Shadows - Blitzkreig City
Timeless - Pskii

Extended Play Podcast (with guest co-host Liam Sweet)
Call For War - Grave Digger
True North - Bad Religion
Magnetic North - Alestorm
Rainbow In The Dark - Dio
D'yer Maker - Led Zeppelin
Where Eagles Have Been - Wolfmother
Dead Aeon Requiem - Red Cain
Uncle Pat - Ash
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers
Rockbuster - Steppenwolf
Octave Doctors - Steve Hillage
Burning Out - I Divide
Wizard Bones - Doctor Nut
Uranium Fever - Elton Britt
Confused State Of Mind - Billy In The Lowground
No One Wins - The Bezerker
Kid Gloves - Ottawa Hoax
K.E.B.A.B. - The Lovely Brothers
April Spring Summer Wednesdays - Status Quo
Cosmic Dancer - T-Rex
Where Theres Mods, There's Rockers - Vardis
Diamonds And Rust - Judas Priest
Be My Guitar - Doris Brendel
Lay It Down - Ratt
Pussy - Rammstein
Patron Saint (of Nothing) - Max Raptor
It Runs On Blood (Not Gasoline) - Dean Friedman
Can't Get My Head Around You - The Offspring
Big Truck - Trucker Diablo
Below The Sky - If These Trees Could Talk

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Playlist 25-12-2016

Death Machine / Military Man - Resurrection Band
Twilight of the Gods - Helloween
Bang Your Head - Backhand Jags
Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind
King Of Morning Queen Of Day - Horslips
Killing Fields - Zombie Xtras
Ride The Mariah - Weapon UK 
Dead Throne - The Devil Wears Prada
Fat Rich Cunts - Screaming Jets
51st State - New Model Army
Snake Girl - Nana
I Use My Powers For Evil - Lesbian Bed Death
Hangmans Tango - Cauda Pavonis
Hurricanado - Evil Scarecrow
I Came To Rock - Jorn
Astronomy - Blue Oyster Cult
Bislett Stadion - Oslo Ess
Grendel - Marillion
E.M.T. - Mad Hatter 2.0
Flying Killer Cobs From The Planet Bob - Lawnmower Death
Shit On Me - Herb Garden
A Bad Day For A Jedi - Clockwork Sniper
National Front - The Pigs
Wild Wild West - The Bolsheviks
Hells Horses - Hells Horses
Worms Will Feed, Rats Will Feast - Converge
A Story At Three -  AFI
The Light Brigade - Demon
On A Storytellers Night (live) - Magnum
The Gallows Pole - Flash Harry
Penthouse - Crash Street Kids
Black Star Rising - Quarkspace

Extended Play Podcast
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Dokken
Were Will Go From Here - Hardline
O Holy Night - Dream Theater
Plaster Saint - Foxhol
Santa Hates Poor Kids - Your Favorate Martian
Love Is Only A Feeling - The Lounge Kittens
Goth Christmas - The Ornamentals
Kill The Lights - Johnny Deathshadow
Naughty Christmas - Lacuna Coil
Phantom Self - Sepultura
Nothing For Christmas - New Found Glory
King For A Day - Battle Beast
It's Only Christmas (Cheer Up You Moody Prick) - Fightmilk
Watching The World - Chasing Cadence
Emo Christmas - Carpet Ride
Fortune And Sorrow - Bone Cult
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Coffin Fuck
Rat In A Cage - Razor Sharp Death Blizzard
Flight Deck (For Christmas) - My Son The Bum
Machines of Our Disgrace - Circle of Dust
You Show Me Yours At Christmas - The Senti-Mentals
Sensory Deprivation - The Acacia Strain
The Stocking Song - Steel Panther
War Wolf - Wretched Soul
The First Noel - Thanatos
Scum - Vitja
Santa Claus Is Pagan Too - Emerald Rose
Alpenglow (live) - Nightwish
Carol Of The Bells - Metallica

Playlist 18-12-2016

This show  was the annual Saturnalia special with guests Cauda Pavonis

Ring Out Solstice Bells / Jack Frost And The Hooded Crow - Jethro Tull
Gaudette / Saturnalia / Solstice Anthem - Cauda Pavonis
N.O.E.L - Psychostick
Run Rudolph Run - Gibbons, Grohl, Lemmy
Another Rock And Roll Christmas - Iron Maiden
We Three Kings - Rob Halford
All Alone On Christmas - Boy Jumps Ship
12 Days of a Pop Punk Christmas - Sunrise Skater Kids
Mad Doctor - Alien Stash Tin
Kill The Lights - Johnny Deathshadow
Bury The Knife - Blacken The Name
Injustice - Bedlam Lane
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Annie Lennox
Jingle Bells - Erlosung
Jingle Hell - Christopher Lee
The Absent Christmas - Scythia
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Joe Thumbe
Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight) - Ramones
Little Drummer Boy - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Christian Sun - Razor Sharp Death Blizzard
Christmas Spirit - Sonata Arctica
White Christmas - Helloween
Red - Mouri
Merry Christmas Everybody - Slade
Xmas With The Devil - Spinal Tap
We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Bowling For Soup

Extended Play Podcast
Alt-Human - Circle of Dust
Take This Life - In Flames
We Will Fucking Kill You - Anaal Nathrahk
Hometown Homesick - Retro Kids
What If It Was You - The New Roses
New Cancer - Riviere
Blister And Boil - The Press Gang
The Thousand Tears - Candiria
Squire - Alexis King
Sylvia - A Promise To Forget
Everlasting Road - Lock
Begging - The Society
Always - Matt Blias
Dark Messiah - Dark Messiah
I Remember - The Chronicals of Israfel
Apathetic - Sibiir
The Devil Speaks - In Death
Drunk As Fuck - Terrifier
Bellow - Cover Your Tracks
Barn Burner - Oni
As Your Kingdom Falls - Product Of Hate
Dublin - Gone Is Gone
Home - Blue October
Mad Doctor - Alien Stash Tin

Friday, 16 December 2016

Live Set @ The Thundebolt, Bristol - 15-12-2016

Uffington Wassail - Half Man Half Biscuit
Life After Death - Ian Hunter
12 Days of a Pop Punk Christmas - Sunrise Skater Kids
Silent Night - Erlosung
Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth
Blind Men & Fools - Tytan
Heavy Christmas - 220 Volts
Silent Night - The Dickies
Saturnalia - Cauda Pavonis
Douglas In The Jungle - Hawkwind
Saucer Surfing - Steve Hillage
Oye Como Va - Santana
Hollow Man - The Cult
N.O.E.L. - Psychostick
Killed By Death - Motorhead
Another Gig In Wales - Alien Stash Tin
Whatever Happened  To My Rock and Roll - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Knocking On Your Backdoor - Deep Purple
Trampled Underfoot - Led Zeppelin
Xmas With The Devil - Spinal tap
Winged Hussars - Sabaton
Ten Commandments of Metal - Grave Digger
Two Tribes - Warfare
Dr. Who - Ye Gods!
(Na Na) Nukklear Rokkett - Wrathchild
Salt For Your Wounds - AFI
Naughty Christmas - Lacuna Coil
Bounce - System Of A Down
The Rascal King - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Rusty Cage - Soundgarden
Ring Out Solstice Bells - Jethro Tull
Mad Doctor - Alien Stash Tin
Invisible - Bambi Killers
It's So Easy - Guns And Roses
Lazy Sunday - Small Faces
Walking Dead - The Dead Romantics
Merry Xmas Eveybody - Slade
Everybodies Little Song of Christmas - Krankschaft
Atomic - Blondie
Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden
Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols
Time Passing - Rudimentary Peni
Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Playlist 11-12-2016

She Loves Me Not / Let Me In - V0iD
21st Century Schizoid Man / America - Emerson Lake and Palmer
Winged Hussars - Sabaton
Healed By Metal - Grave Digger
Pretend - Versive
Same Kind Of Different - Aphyxion
Thief - Awooga
Duke Nukem - Master Boot Record
Oh Rest Ye Mery Gentlemen - Tylean Polley
Peace Through Superior Firepower - Cauda  Pavonis
To Lift The Dead Hand Of The Past - Ion Dissonance
Mirrors In A Black Room - Ultha
Kill The Lights - Johnny Death Shadow
Dagobah - Fruitcake
Truth Or Dare - This Is Fate
We Are Murderers (We All) - Xandria
Time - Constellation
Kiss The World - System Of Hate
Admirer - Mouri
Only You - They Called Him Zone
Deadman's Eyes - Razor Sharp Death Blizzard
Tragic Songs - Ashes To Angels
Down We Go - As Sirens Fall
Wrathchild (Metal For Muthas Version) - Iron Maiden
Eye Of The Tiger - Devil You Know
Serpents Blood - Grafvitnir
Synchrotron - Teramobil
Dead Relics - Bloodyard
Far From Anything - INIRE
Night Never Ending - Avatar
Angry Birds - Jay Foreman
Song Of Winter - Year Of The Goat

Extended Play Podcast
Don't Stare At The Edge - Destrage
Half A Billion Miles - Vagabond Spectre
Estella - One Day Elliot
Oy Kanada - Protokult
Invisible - Diabulus In Musica
Hydra - Vektrill
Sledgehammer - Sledgehammer
Frame of Mind - Excuses Excuses
Hypnochrist - Decadawn
Starlight (The High Priestess) - Heiroglyph
The Whole World Will Burn - Candiria
Closure - Bad Sign
Save Me - Forever Still
Prisoner Of The Past - Homesick Mick
Kemosabe Shore - James King & The Regals
Golden Wounds - Riviere
Light of My Life - Dreaming Of Juptier
Nekromantik - Omnizide
Promised Lands - Breathe In The Silence
Pure Evil - Like A Storm
Hurricane - While She Sleeps
Cosmonaut - The Nebulosity
Animal - Norquay
Fight Back - Ethel The Frog
Last Boat To St, Helena - Evergrey

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Playlist 04-12-2016

Do You Still Believe In Rock And Roll / Space Rock Time Bomb - Crash Street Kids
Hands Of Time - Firewind
Cold December - Greybeards
Subject A - Rayne
Worms Wood - Our Hollow, Our Home
Evil Is Reborn - Kratornas
Born Strong - Madball
Wild Flower - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Shout - Scandroid
Winter Trilogy - Joolz Denby & Hemming Nugel
The One You Need - The SSS
Gypsy Woman - Wicked Gypsy
Kill The Lights - Johnny Deathshadow
Age Of Pigs - State Funeral
Do You Find Me Sadistic? - Operation Kino
Cloudburst - Kyros
Eddies Coming Out Tonight (live) - Night Ranger
Feels Like I'm Dying - Eternal Idol
Ave Maria - Hevidence
Glow - Idle Fret
Right Wing Scum - Razor Sharp Death Blizzard
Racist Copper - King Prawn
Easy Money - Crobot
Round & Round - Enuff Znuff
Rock The Cradle - Dario Mollo's Crossbones
Wait - Bear Attack Club
Unbeliever - Sister
A Means To No End - Destrage
Poor James Bond - Jay Foreman
The Impossible - Feeder

Extended Play Podcast

Kick Like A Mule - Tyketto
All Through The Night - Imperial State Electric
Witch Bitch - Cutlass
Your The One For Me - Headline Maniac
Sardine Attack - The Orions
Trust No One - DevilDriver
Above 179 - 1000 Mods
Daywalker - Nick Noro
Necessito Un Trago - Morbo
Toa of the Devil - Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band
Kick Ass Johnny - Dirty Ass
December - Solitude
Vozrozhdenie - Arkona
Warpath - Boris The Blade
Mereya - Candiria
Visions of Grandure - Lucid Fly
100 Voices - One Day Elliot
Cascade - Plini
Supernova - Candlebox
Lie To Me - Secret Sphere
Black Eyed Gods - The Well
Puncture - The Rooz
Wield Lightning To Split The Sky (live) - Primordial
He's In A Bad Way - Lastoneout
Devil Is Fine - Zeal & Ardor
Tastes Like Funk - I Set The Sea On Fire

Monday, 28 November 2016

Playlist 27-11-2016

This show featured a phone interview with Demon vocalist Dave Hill.

Night Of The Demon / Wonderland / Cemetery Junction / England Glory / Queen of Hollywood / Life In Berlin / Remembrance Day / The Grand Illusion / Fever In The City - Demon
Gladiator - Civil War
Built To Last - Hammerfall
When The Night Comes In - Black Star Riders
Fake Promises Can Change Everything - Mental Distress
Angels of Steel - Vader
Little Miss Common - Jabber Jaw
Pop Is My Prozac - Hentai Babies
This Year - Frank Turner
30% Werewolf - Bleak
Dying Indonesia - Lost Our Fears
Animals - Fizzy Blood
Ohio Wires - Rauschenberg
Kids Said Rock - Headmaster
Spit - Birdeatsbaby
Run Rabbit Run - Black Map
Enemy's Desire - Celeb Car Crash
Man In A Box - La Flingue
Choir of Stars - The Well
Push - Red Sun Rising
Deaths Realm - Science of Sleep
Skin Sofa - Jay Foreman

Extended Play Podcast
Bones - Eva Plays Dead
Spit You Out - Into The Fire
Glory - Idlewar
Far Stranger - Eujenics
Gods Of Violence - Kreator
Massive Demonic Killing Spree - Dethonator
Death's Motorway - Beast Of Prey
Another Night Comes - Eternal Idol
Through The Eyes Of The Wicked - Hostile
La Di Da - Vukovi
Bring Me Home - Whitechapel
Red Sky - The Parasite Syndicate
Svartmesse - Kvelertak
Dark Stains On Ivory - Aphyxion
Meltdown of the Orb - Domkraft
Shudder Before The Beautiful (live) - Nightwish
Full Dark, No Stars - Devilment
Rus - Arkona
Always - Heart Avail
Sometimes - City of Ashes
Shadowed Lines - A Sense of Gravity
Between The Eyes - Amon Duul II