Sunday, 26 March 2017

Playlist 19-03-2017

Blind In Texas / 9.5. Nasty - WASP
Rock 'n' Roll Music - Chuck Berry
Weirdo - Vukovi
Reaching Out - Dorja
98% - IDestroy
I Rather Wear Black - Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham
Talk About Love - Burnt Out Wreck
Hey Lord - Claytown Troupe
I've Been Stoned Before - Gong
Mistreated (live) - Whitesnake
Dancing In The Rain - Ever After
Mirror Can't Break - A Hundred Suns
Revelation & Soap - Fourteen Billion Faces
Going To Hell - Three Kings High
Rattlesnake - Black Lime
The Nothin' Man - The Nothin' Man
Captain Clock - Jinjer
Shellfire - Warbringer
Lets Get Abducted - Atilla
Back On Track - Booze And Glory
It's Yours - Loathe
Burning Fever - Stonehenge (NZ)
First World Solutions - Harlott
Cheer Up Clown - Slagduster
Wenn Du Willst - Toxpack
Wasted - Sonnitus
Downtown Rock - Gnash Rambler
Champion Of The Universe - Elephant Memoirs
Back To Mystery City (live) - Hanoi Rocks
Molly - Youth Killed It
Teenage Rebel - The Pink Fairies

Extended Play #29
Run To You - Sonata Arctica
Bad Habit - Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters
Yeah Right - Girlschool
Behead The Dead - Cut Up
Largactyl - Amebix
Worship Perdition - Mordbrand
The Darkest Days Of Man - Whitechapel
Dead Smile - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Stranger Strange - Cosmonaut & Creature
Cash & Carry (live) - The Fall
Can't - Broken Jaw
No Sleep To Buckfast (live) - Barbarian Hermit
Silence - Suicide Silence
In The Land - The Answer
Hell, We Wont Go - Nasty Lipstick
Child Of Babylon - Whitesnake
No Colour - Black Maps
Fire of Thornborough Henge - Alunah
Volatile - From Eden To Exile
Sister Doom - Chambers
Madness - All That Remains
Woe To The Vanquished - Warbringer
Spin - Eva Plays Dead
Pocket Billiards - Stackridge
Tough Love - Rory Indiana
Surgical Carnage - Carnavage
Iron Moon - Fit For An Autopsy

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Playlist 12-03-2017

Day Tripper / Bloody Luxury - Whitesnake
Hit Me Hard - Tax The Heat
My Bodom (I Am The Only One) - Children of Bodom
Motorvatin' - Hanoi Rocks
Built To Be Loud - Nasty Lipstick
Waiting For The Day - Jupiter's Carnival
Big Laser Gun - Cosmonaut & Creature
Silence - While She Sleeps
I Miss Those Day - Tasty
Animal - Imperial Leisure
Light Of Winter - Alunah
Ya Layali Madhat Lana - Litham
Dancing In The Rain - Ever After
Take A Swing At The World - Fights & Fires
This Song It About... - Bathtub
Morbid Ways - Funeral Chant (US)
Bomb 20 - Alien Stash Tin
Annie - IDestroy
Beginning - New Model Army
What!! - Ninjaspy
No Lives Matter - Bodycount
Invasion Of The Tribbles - The Hot Nasties
Violence Fear - Booze & Glory
Original Ginsters - Hacksaw
Thirty For The Chicks - Carnavage
Freedom Denied - Blaakyum
Down - Black Waters
Vampires - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Deathless Song - Parkway Drive
Vermin Funeral - Cut Up
Live With Me - Girlschool
Fundamentally Yours - Stackridge
Born To Be Epic - Equilibrium

Extended Play Podcast #28
Screaming Blue Murder - Girlschool
Surrounded By Death - Memoriam
Condemned  To The Grave - Evocation
Zetsubou Billy - Maximum The Hormone
Cary Grants Wedding (live) - The Fall
Night Terrors - Currents
What I Wish I Could Forget - Too Close To Touch
Murphys Law - James King & The Regals
Fostering The Divide - Immolation
Making Waves - Blood Youth
Simple - Booze & Glory
No Gods No Masters - Amebix
Hellbent - Absinthe From Society
Hangmans Paradox - Epoch
Seven Seals - Jagged Vision
Bomber - Onslaught (ft Phil Campbell)
Murmur Of The Dead - Antromorphia
Strip Club Massacre - Murkocet
What Comes Around - Ill Nino
Piss - Ministry
Got Me Numbered - Rotten Mind
Bricks Don't Bounce - The Jackalopes
Slow 'n' Easy - Whitesnake
When I Come To - Here Lies Man
Loser - Falling In Reverse
Symbol - Riviere
Shatter - Heel
Thermonuclear Devastation - Onslaught
To The Night - The Dahmers
Funky Queen - Black Mirrors

Playlist 05-03-2017

This show was our annual Album of the Year award show, for results and more information...

Let Me In / Say My Name - V0iD
Secret Circle - Best Boy Electric
Fotoromanza - Deluded By Lesbians
At The Kill - Kingbreaker
Tantia Furia - Birdeatsbaby
Drinking Song - Bleak
Close Your Eyes - Dreamarcher
A Drop In The Ocean - The River Cult
Dancing In The Rain - Ever After
Whiskey From The Bottle - Billy In The Lowground
Follow Through - Lucid Fly
Kiss The World (1916) - System Of Hate
Psalm - Wytch Hazel
Life In Berlin - Demon
Laugh of the Tsar / Soldiers Lament - Scythia
Never Understand - The Jesus And Mary Chain
No Rules - Booze & Glory
Stutter - Sioux Falls UK
The Wait - Khosouf
Dancing With The Wrong Girl - Black Star Riders
Whats Up People - Maximum The Hormone
Nightcrawler - The Dahmers
Dance On My Skin - Loathe
Sleep A Little Batter - Veridian
Surfing With Patricia - Jay Foreman
Tight Breath - Floorboards

Extended Play Podcast #27
Tragedy - Hanoi Rocks
Kick Out The Jams - Black Mirror
Safe House - All That Remains
Decommissioned - GraVil
Dying In A Red Room - Suicide Silence
Psalm 69 (live) - Ministry
Sonic Mass (Parts 1&2) - Amebix 
The Horde - Ominous Eclipse
Dream Of Me - Holding Absence
Cradle To Grave - Alter Bridge
Booze Cruise / Fake Edge - Bar Fight
Eat Yourself Fitter - The Fall
Bloodline - 1919
Bloodstorm - Mutilator
The Coroner - Evocation
Dreamers - Destrage
I'm So Horny - Abuse
I Swear - Hands of Industry
Wildmind - The Royal
Rhyacian - The Ocean
Mute - Native Consruct
Salt & Acid - Nightlife
Race With The Devil - Girlschool
A World of Fools - Lionville
Riding The Ghost - Place Vendrome
Harlequin - House Of Lords
Aint Gonna Cry No More - Whitesnake
American Gun - Radio Free Universe
Love Falls - Hellyeah
Thick As Thieves - The Menzingers
Happy To Be Here - Wave Shadows
Filter - Figures
Mesmerise - Courtesans
Comatosed - Borders
Dancing Machines - Nova Collective

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Playlist 26-02-2017

Kick Over Statues / Lets Make It Work - The Redskins
Bringer Of Pain - Battle Beast
Last Train Home (live) - Armored Saint
Low Hummer - La Bete Blooms
C'mon Lets Go - Girlschool
Warp City - Ministry
Don't Cry (live) - Asia
You Trip Me Up - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Miracle - Nelson Can
Fight or Flight - Black Lime
Heredity - Coast To Coast
Dream On - Alex Skolnick Trio
Disappear Reappear - Squidge
These Walls Breathe - City Under Sky
True Futures - Funky Purple Trees
Chaos Theory - Word Bearer
Eternal Tomb - Ripcord
After Something - New Model Army
Fish Tank - Underground Frets
Coal Makes Diamond - Blue October
Death of a Constellation - Bear Mace
Graves - Dragon
Waiting For God - 1919
Less Than Human - Something Mechanical
Your My Revolution - Tokyo Motor Fist
Don't Get It - Empty Lung
Solitary -  Better Than Mending
See If She Floats - Unruly Child
Storm Clouds - Cloudspeak
Jean Claude Van Mann - Youth Killed It
Genocide - Hometruths
Out To Get You - Grand Funk Railroad (ft. Frank Zappa)

Extended Play Podcast #26
Legio XIII - Ex Deo
Past Future - Brightlight City
Moonchild - The House Of Ghosts
Dolls, Kisses, Crosses and Wishes - This Gun For Hire
Your Man - C.J.Orazi
Children Of The Stone - Evocation
Gypsy - Uriah Heep
This Is Goodbye - Imminence
Save Yourself - Ghost Iris
The Separation Of Flesh And Bone - Six Feet Under
Jaded - Trigon
El Reves - Leandro En Solitario
Another Day On Earth - Feeder
Want It All - Seasons
Black Elk - Martin Rubashov (ft. Anders Friden)
Somewhere Out There - Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy
Bloody Mary - Whitesnake
Birthday Song - The Fall
Fall Of A Nation - Corroded
For A Black Tomorrow - Deathwhite
Black Leather - R.I.P.
Bleed For The Night - Necromancing The Stone
Yesterday - Staind
The Church Is For Sinners - Amebix
You Aint Goin' Nowhere - Here Lies Man
Intercity Express - Soniq Theater

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Playlist 19-02-2017

Transmission / The Sound Of Music - Joy Division
She's A Witch - Monster Truck
The Cell - Gojira
Never Said Goodbye - Sammy Hagar
I Need That Oooh! - The Picturebooks
Boogie Monster - Dirty Jane
Mourning Palace (live) - Dimmu Borgir
Paperweight - Feeder
Lo Que Queda - Leanado En Solitario
Bloodfaith - Helldown
Pulse - The House Of Ghosts
A Girl Named You - Supersister
Disappear Reappear - Squidge
Core Crusher - Arcitarch
Earthshaker - Hammer Of The Gods
Americano - Until The Truth Comes
Lovehunter - Whitesnake
Toxic Woman - Distant Sun
New Face In Hell - The Fall
Sick With Love - Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm
I Bleed For Vengeance - Bear Mace
Indian Rope Man - Frumpy
Slaughter As They Slept - Six Feet Under
Flag Of The Beast - Emmure
Coming Home - Amebix
Razor Blade Regrets - Nuclear Oath
We Used To Own This Playground - Sweet Little Machine
Get It Right - Beyond Recall
Cut Throat Jig - The Jack Ratts
Odins Fury - Valfreya
Grandmas Food - Jay Foreman
Beyond The Gate - Drenai

Extended Play Podcast #25
Bakers Street - Tragedy
King Of Evil - WAN
Static Conversation - Entrapment
Demon Inside - ENIME
The Spell - Mantar
On The Mend - Squidge
Falling Down - This Wild Life
Cobalt - Sam Nazz
Go Fuck Yourself - Ironclad
Smoke Break - Cedar Springs Motel
Queen Mother - Satan Takes A Holiday
Old Habits - CRNKSHFT
Don't Talk To Strangers (live) - Dio
Reason To Stay - Blood Youth
I'd Rather See Your Star Explode - Slaves
Gloria - The Dear Hunter
The Fall - Behind The Sun
Virgin Damnation - Lantern
Crossing The Alps - Ex Deo
Black Flame Divination - Craven Idol
A Place Where There's No More Pain - A Life In Agony
Never Look Back - Eclipse
A Spoonful Of Darkness - The Doomsday Kingdom
The Art Of Conversation - Patrons
Run Wild - Skies Collide
Akasha (live) - My Sleeping Karma

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Playlist 12-02-2017

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / Jocko Homo - Devo
Cold War Love - Black Star Riders
How Did You Love - Shinedown
Monster - Kyros
Half A Billion Miles - Vagabond Spectre
One By One - As Lions
Ad Victorium (The Battle Of Zama) - Ex Deo
Salems Fate - The Raven Age
Fire Up Ahead - Ashton Lane
Evil Things - American Evil
It Burns At Both Ends - Meshiaak
State Of Flux - Nova Collective
Disappear Reappear - Squidge
Rotting My Teeth - Over To You
Cloud City - As The Sun Sleeps
Vida Robada - Hallazgo
Hang Em High - Havok
Aftermath (live) - Armored Saint
I'm Dead - Death Blooms
Chain Of Hope - Stevie Nimmo
Lord Devourer Of The Dead - Bear Mace
Mexico - Supersister
Why Don't We Do It In The Road - Satan Takes A Holiday
Vayu (live) - My Sleeping Karma
American Nightmare - Dead Eyes
Prisoner - Cut Throat
From Ear To Ear - Cut Up
At The Break Of Day - Azgard
Baker Street - Tragedy
Poontang Boomerang - Steel Panther
Things I Can't See - Rotten Mind
Bucks Boogie (live) - Blue Oyster Cult

Extended Play Podcast (Episode #24)
Take Me To Church - The Agonist
Heads Will Hang - Fit For An Autopsy
Stoned & Alone - Lung Flower
Pulse - Sacred Mountain
False Awakening - Deference
Love For Speed - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
March Of The Infected - The Darkhorse
War - Black Stone Cherry
Dirty Deeds  Done Dirty Cheap - The Lounge Kittens
Lead Me Astray - Wave Shadows
Just One Night - Brian MacKey
The Wars - Calling Apollo
Thorns - Pallbearer
I Think You Can Do Better - The Wild Things
I've Got The Time - Where Fires Are
Turn Off Your T.V. - Decade
Morbid Tango - Cosmosquad
Space Elevator - Klammer
Mountain Rescue - Neurotic Fiction
Good Evening Deacon - This Gun For Hire
Of Mind And Matrix - Allegaeon
Masks - Bear
Reduced To Zero - Memoriam
Beautiful Agony - Within The Ruins
The Engine - Soniq Theater

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Playlist 05-02-2017

One Way Or Another / Union City Blue - Blondie
Jerusalem - Black Sabbath
Supersonic Rock 'n' Roll - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Pain, Joy, Ecstasy, Disappear - SHVPES
Stayin' Alive - Tragedy
Ripped Apart And Reassembled - Nova Collective
Hit Me With A Bullet - Stephen Pearcy
Explicatory Homicide - Six Feet Under
Eternal Oath - Scythia
Rock Me Baby (live) - Walter Trout
Disappear Re-appear - Squidge
Fell Asleep Beneath The Raindrops - King Knit
True Love - Wave Shadows
Bury Me In Willow - Asia
Crucified - System Of Hate
Fasten Seat Belts - Soniq Theater
Cyclone of Shrapnel - Bear Mace
The Witch - The Sonics
Chosen Minority - Stalin Video
Goddamn Trouble - Overkill
Come On Down - Zeal & Ardor
Seasons Ending - Cope
Freedom Battle - Wytch Hazel
Karmadillo - Our Hollow Our Home
Move Mountains - Sumo Cyco (ft. Benji Webbe)
Emotion Kiss - Red Sun Rising
Justice Blood - Mental Distress
Trousers - Jay Foreman
Song For Devadip - Carlos Santana

Extended Play Podcast #23
Dark Night Of The Soul - Xandria
Eternally Yours - Motionless In White
Galactic Motherfucker - Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard
Seen The City - Decipher Life
Prismatic Abyss - Aversions Crown
In Spite Of You - Birdeatsbaby
Sons Of Yesterday - Ghost Season
Pinnacle - Ghost Iris
Suffering The Radio - Hellbound Heart
You Are We - While She Sleeps
Fable - Joolz Danby & Henning Nugel
The Lost And Found - Billy In The Lowground
Drive On (I Wanna Know) - Raising Jupiter
Trigger Pulse - Kobra And The Lotus
Hurt - One Desire
Intermission - Bad Sign
Silent Music - Pride Of Lions
Is This The Way? - Best Boy Electric
A Man Dies - Synaptik
John The Revelator - Shaun James & The Shapeshifters
Albany - Spinning Coin
Poison Trust - Nick Johnston