Sunday, 10 December 2017

Playlists 3-12-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
I Don't Want You To Go / Drunk Like Me - Dog's D'Amour
Sign Of The Dragonhead - Amon Amarth
Shira - Glassjaw
Merde! Mon Dieu! Absinthe Sacre Blue! - The New Jacobin Club
Bow & Arrow - Easter Island Statues
Welcome To The Madhouse - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
I'll Meet You There - The Vacant
Vaults Of Pestilence - Scaphism
Fekete Karasong - Vinas
Hate Runs Through Me - God Complex
It's Been A Long Time Coming - Palace Of The King
Oracles Of Eternal Wisdom - Ovnev
Rock 'n' Roll Band - Boston
Stabbyfork - The Scaramanga Six
Embrace - Exemption
I'm Gonna Be Somebody Someday - The Damage Is Done
Keep Calm and Carry On - Sonic Kharma
A Different Person - Go Primative
Interstellar Highway - Krankschaft
You and Me - Plain White T's
Charting The Single - Marillion
One Glass For Wine - Mother Truckers Yellow Duck
Warm Like Blood - Then Comes Silence
Shocked To Dead - Stalker
Announcing The End - Sparzanza
Heart Of Fire - Sweet & Lynch
High School Queen - Pretty Boy Floyd
Supermarket - The Sitting Tenants
Crazy - Kill The Ideal
Three 6 - Attila
Paralysed - Skarlett Riot
Energy - Lifetight

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
The Sign Of The Southern Cross - Black Sabbath
Another Killing Spree - Act Of Defiance
Blunt Force Lobotomy - Cerebral Atrophy
Hideous Ichor - Cannibal Corpse
Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot) - Cattle Decapitation
Granted Indulgence - Abhorrent Decimation
Fist Up In The Air - Lords Of The Lost
One Horse Rider (live) - Attrition
Iron Clad Heart - Sonic Prophecy
Quest For Fire - Iron Maiden
Lights Out - Black Ink
Loosing My Mind - Almanac
Been Here Before - The Fastrats
Quark Strangeness and Charm (live) - Alien Stash Tin
The World Is Flat - Krankschaft
Sleep Of No Dreaming (live) - Porcupine Tree
Changes In Light - Pale Moon
Beirut Moon (live) - Stiff Little Fingers
Pumpkin Teeth - Neglected Foot
Attack & Decay - Beatsteaks
Barry Is Great - Barry The Skankfish 
A Young Punk - Angelic Upstarts
Army Of Jesus - Rudimentary Peni
It's Not Over Yet - Record Low
Strike - Nakam
Never Again - Discharge
Subvert City - Subhumans
(I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (live) - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Mr. Wright - Kit Walker
Run - Echofire
She Likes To Give It - Babylon A.D.
That's What We Call Rock 'n' Roll - Orange Zebra
Trampoline - Mother Feather
Doctor Please - Blue Cheer
Slow Train - Status Quo
Don't Bring A Knife To A Gunfight - L.A. Guns
Save Your Breath - Wild Lies
Angry Birds - Jay Foreman
Needle in the Groove - Mama's Boys

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Playlists 26-11-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Tailgunner / Die With Your Boots On - Iron Maiden
The Pursuit Of Vikings - Amon Amarth
Ringleader - Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons
Smiling Shame - Sick Joy
And So It Was - The Adicts
Phonies Are For Life - Barry The Skankfish
Remember - Stevie Lange
The Hum - Krankschaft
Broken Footsteps - Total War
The Aura - Sikth
Feel The Same - Courtesans
Unmask The Face Of False - Desolate Shrine
Zombie Girl - The Fastrats
Come What May - Echofire
Broken Doll - Crawlform
Purple Pie - The Orange Show
Into The Fire - Asking Alexandra
Seven Years A Slave - Cult of Nonsense
Loaded Gun - The Raven Cain Band
Road To Sunset - Starsoup
Rubber Dolls - Metal Virgins
All Riot Now - Alien Stash Tin
Over And Over Again - Spitfires
Gestabby - We Come In Pieces
Echoes - The Charm The Fury
Can't Turn Back The Clock - Robin Trower
The White City - Johannes Luley
Collapsed Cubes - Integral
Plains Of Decay - Necrovorus
Spectral We - Cavalera Conspiracy
Good Girl Looking For A Bad Time - Suzi Quatro

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Space Truckin' - Deep Purple
Dub Space - Halls Of The Machine
Foam Phase Hydrogen Weaponry - Gandahar
Unknown - Noija
Searching For God Inside - Pendulum Of Fortune
A Moment Of Insight - The Fading
Doublespeak - Veil Of Maya
Kings of the Nightworld - The Black Dahlia Murder
Good Friday - Then Comes Silence
Over Exposure - Act Of Defiance
I'll Bring You The Night - Panzer
Hey Y'all - Outlaws & Moonshine
One Foot In The Grave - The Raven Cain Band
Hell To Pay - Doc Holliday
Kebab - The Lovely Brothers
Into The Valley - The Skids
All Riot Now (live) - Alien Stash Tin
Arduous Angel - Pears
I Still Hate You - The Bottom Line
40 Degrees - Beatsteaks
Chica Karaoke (live) - Hola Squirt
Go Bath City Go - Hacksaw
Have You Got A Light Boy? - Splodgenessabounds
Razors In My Collar - Pink Candle
Tin Soldiers - Stiff Little Fingers
I'll Just Go - Ronx
The Wanderer - 94 Distortions
She Goes To Finos - The Toy Dolls
Eleven Years (live) - Justin Sullivan
The West Country - The Dreadnoughts
Jump Baby Jump - Pentangle
Broken Fairytale - Naked Six
Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
She's Got Balls - AC/DC
Moon On The Shore - Starsoup
Beast In Black - Beast In Black
Lempo (live) - Korpiklaani
It Runs On Blood Not Gasoline - Dean Freidman
Lost In An Instant - Hammerdrone
Cry Wolf - Pretty Pistol
Non Citizen - Suzi Quatro
Drifting Away - Status Quo

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Playlists 19-11-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
The Mob Rules / Lady Evil - Black Sabbath
Ride On - AC/DC
Possess You - The Naveblues
Figure You Out - Feeder
Need Money For Beer - Tankard
Force I Possess - Mind Utopia
Ride Or Die - Outlaws & Moonshine
Dead Mans Shoes - The Stone Fox
Aimless Desire (live) - Justin Sullivan
Amateur In The Pit - Hacksaw
Feel The Same - Courtesans
Venenatus - Goya
Circo Inhumanitus - Cattle Decapitation
Dreamscape - Pacifica
Brotherhood of Violence - Worldeater
Dose - Avenged Sevenfold
Beyond The Pale - Machine Head
You Crossed The Line - Orange Zebra
End Of The Movie - Jay Foreman
Escapist - Starsoup
Crazy Today - U.X.B.
Earthbeat - The Slits
Zi Ma Bu E Ter - Where Deprivation Lies
Wolves of the Northern Lands - Tartavara
Beware The Sailor - Metatrone
Sleeping Through The Seasons -  Klogr
Let Tomorrow Die - Miscreant
Statutory Ape - The Black Dahlia Murder
And He Lost His Mind - Vukovi
Stayed Up Too Late - Undertipper
One Helluva Night - Demon

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Stargazer - Rainbow
Supernova - Anarcheon
Hell Night - F.K.U.
Sunobe - The Night Suns
Foredoomed - Nkhrah
Pigs - Black Absinthe
One Foot In The Club - Massmatiks
Inside Outside - Jeff Scott Soto
Dangerous - Kill The Ideal
Can't Get Enough - Quiet Riot
The Wild Ones - Status Quo
Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay - Barry Kearney
Dimensional Time Portal / The Power Of Metal - Psychostick
Metal Invaders - Helloween
Vindication - Sparzanza
Torquemada's Dream - The Witch Will Die Tomorrow
Come On, This City's Gone - Ulysses
Tokyo Hi-Life - Best Boy Electric
Circle Pits Of Dads (live) - The Backhand Jags
Space Fags - Cosmonaut & Creature
Amigo Secreto - Os Carnica
Party In Paris - UK Subs
MRA Speed Dating Disaster - Trigger Warning and the Safe Spaces
Sorry - The 4 Skins
The World Is Ending - Pears
Useless Wooden Toys - Dissociates
Daily News - The Exploited
Feel The Same - Courtesans
Never Ever - Kinjiro
Pictures Of Home - Deep Purple
Stone Cold Classic - AKA George
Golden Age Of Leather - Blue Oyster Cult
The Ghost & The Reaper - The Dark Element
A Gentleman's Excuse Me - Fish
The Mask - Vvon Dogma I
Watch The Stars - Pentangle
Devil In The Kitchen - Black Beards Tea Paty
The Catcher In The Lie - Starsoup
Devastation - Exile Alef 
Who Watches The Watchmen - Without Sanity
Don't Break The Circle - Demon

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Playlists 12-11-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Tarot Woman / Sixteenth Century Greensleeves - Rainbow
Head For A Breakdown - CKY
Cast The First Stone - Corrosion of Conformity
We Bow To None - Pink Cream 69
Money In The Bank - Tax The Heat
Tokyo Hi-Life - Best Boy Electric
Manufactured - Steal The City
The Third Light - Attrition
Over The Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne
Feel The Same - Courtesans
Trans-Orbital - Cracked Machine
In Metal We Trust - Primal Fear
Biffy Kills - Black Ocean
World On Fire - Little Drafts
Harlans World - Cosmonaut & Creature
Bad Spinach - Gork
Troll Riding A Raptor - Nordheim
Happiness - The Darkness
Rumours Of Better Love - Starsoup
Waking Lions - Pop Evil
Blummen In Haar - Damanbart
Rat Spirit - Blackout
Cold Right Now - Letters From Pluto
Worth Fighting For - Stone Broken
Warzone - Of Mice And Men
The End Becomes You - Weight of the Tide
Spray Paint Love - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Back Seat Banter - Ghost Guilt
Wedding Dress - Pentangle
Dulce Et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owens - Christopher Ecclestone
T-Shirt Song - Don Broco

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Astronomy (1988) - Blue Oyster Cult
Time - Symetria
Keep Me Coming - Audio Rehab
I'll Be That - Comeback Kid
Ain't My Last Dance - Five Finger Death Punch
Thick Blood - River Jumpers
Under The Stars - The Birthday Massacre
Terror In The Nursery - Cauda Pavonis
Life In Short - Pacific
Legendary - The Unguided
Question of Time - Amberian Dawn
Widows Flesh - The Witch Will Die Tomorrow
A Year - Status Quo
Alright - Second Sun
Like A Wave - Edgarville
Deep Water - Goblin Shark
The Analogue Kid - Rush
Your World Is Dead - Starsoup
Skeleton Rain Dance - Riksha
Psalm 133 - Enzo & The Glory Ensemble
Those Hollow Gods - Chasing Ghosts
House Of Habit - Monuments
Picture The Scene - The Adicts
Join The Rejects - Cockney Rejects
Your Mummy Is So Hot For Me - Buster Shuffle
Mouth & Trousers - Splodgenessabounds
Club Sex - Sects Tape
Never Give Up, No Surrender - The Liberals
Anarchofalse - Marked For Death
Bastards Luck - Toe To Toe
Moon - KidBrother
Running Riot - Cock Sparrer
No More Colours - Jay Foreman
Ritual - Snowy Dunes
Lady In Gold (live) - Blues Pills
Play Dead - Feather Beds
Alive - Russkaja
Feel (Zardonic Remix) - Skarelett Riot
Jesus Retreats - Big Dumb Face
Beneath The Riverbed - Sons Of Texas
Remembrance Day - Demon

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Playlists 05-11-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
This show featured a location interview with The Birthday Massacre
Black Blade / Veteran Of The Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult
Wake Me Up - Operation Mindcrime
Hostage - Powerman5000
Death By Stereo - Lesbian Bed Death
Terror In The Nursery - Cauda Pavonis
Counterpane / The Birthday Massacre - The Birthday Massacre
Gone But Not Forgotten - The Black Dahlia Murder  
Feel The Same - Courtesans
Uranus The Magician / Neptune The Mystic - Isao Tomita
Feel The Heat - Pretty Boy Floyd
Heedless - Feed The Rhino
Common Love - Numb
Real Thing - Turnstyle
The Prophet Of Loss - Cattle Decapitation
Shes Not There - UK Subs
Into The Woods - Starsoup
Back To The City - Sandy Coast
Incinerating Storms - RAM
The Arsonist - Von Hertzen Brothers
Away Day - Attila The Stockbroker
Rise Up - Toe to Toe
Shot In The Dark - Towers Of London
Take It All - Primitive Race
Icicle - Last Crack
Warrior - Skartlett Riot
Kita Kawen Bukan Lawan - The Liberals
East End Kids - The Ejected
Systems Analyst - Jay Foreman
New World Man - Rush

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Mr Universe - Gillan
Plague Born Of A Dying Star - Valdur
United - Serenity
Mina - Tsmoto San Mi
The Architect - Weight Of The Tide
Trouble - Five Finger Death Punch
Collapse - Of Allies
Cast No Shadow - Invertia
Can't Happen Here - Spartacus Jones
Mind - The Dead Romantics
Girl Like You - Ragged Union
Southern Man - Doc Holliday
Let The Good Times Rock - Europe
Child Soldiers - Phantom 5
Its Never Too Loud For Me - Airbourne
Harder To Breathe - Shiraz Lane
Man Of Sorrow - Pink Cream 69
I Dont Trust A Word You Say - Buster Shuffle
Back On Track - Booze & Glory
Headed East Again - The Subjunctives
Two Pints Of Lager and A Packet Of Crisps Please - Splodgenessabounds
Quiche Rage Attack - Claustro
Lunar Camel - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Stars Look Down - Generation X
Surfin With Patricia - Jay Foreman
Mercury The Winged Messenger - Isao Tomita
New Era - Buy Jupiter
Subdivisions - Danimal Cannon
Time Stand Still - Rush
Wing And A Prayer - Savage Messiah
Finite - Volumes
Elsewhere - The Ellipsis
Unettomaan Aikaan - Ensiferum
Hurricanado - Evil Scarecrow
Roll With The Changes (live) - REO Speedwagon
Blue Eyed Lady - Status Quo
My Guitar Gently Screams - Jeff Kollman
Gotta Get Out - Anonymous
Penance - Holding Absence
Blacklisted - Mamas Boys

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Playlists 29-10-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Simon Templer / I Fell In Love With A Female Plumber From Haleden NW10 - Splodgenessabounds
Guardians Of Asgard - Amon Amarth
Its Never Too Loud For Me - Airbourne
Heavy Fire - Black Star Riders
My Temptation -  Sleeping Romance
Factory - The Vines
Hate To Love - Beatsteaks
When Our Babies Become More Perfect - Pictures Of Belgrade
Whiskey & Drugs - Ragged Union
Juno - Salvation Jane
We Will Sing - Piratica
Halloween - Helloween
Soldier Boy - The Outfit
Tales Of Anguish - The Antiquity
Two Thousand Years (live) - Ante-Inferno
Collapse - Of Allies
Evento - Moonspell
(Note - this show was cut short due to technical problems in the BCFM studio)

Rock Druid on Astro Radio - Halloween Special
Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
Stray The Skies - Vola
Death Drive - They Called Him Zone
The Doomed - A Perfect Circle
Fireball - Lance
Day of the Dead - Alien Stash Tin
Ashen Chalice of Brimstone - Black Goat Vomit
Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult
The Place We Call Home - The Modern Age Slavery
Lost To The Void - Eliminator
Burn The Witch - Nitronein
Men Shall Die - Myotis Treble
Morbid Reality - Forbidden Realms
Gods Fear - Baleful Creed
Your World (Vampire Waltz) - Anubis
Lurking In the Shadow - Binary Creed
Living For The Grave - Brass Hearse
Collider - Goya
Kings Of Carnage - Winds Of Plague
Rose Red Violent Blue - Stone Sour
Cemetery Junction - Demon
I'll Survive - Seether
Existence Is Futile - Revocation
Space Dementia - Evil Scarecrow
Bela Lugosi's Dead (live) - Bauhaus
The Greenfly And The Rose - Krankschaft
Skin Sofa - Jay Foreman
Curse - Darling Judy
Machine Alive - Krustal
Party At The Coven Nightclub -  Night Himself
Lurking Gloom - Spectral Voice
Reject The Flesh - Suffer Cycle
Nuestro Purente - Tropico De Cancer
Drown In Fire - Trucker Diablo
Roll The Bones - Rush
The Devil of Bedford Street - Wont Stay Dead
Eve Of Destruction - Barry McGuire

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Playlists 22-10-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Helter Skelter / Playground Twister - Siouxsie & The Banshees
On Wings Of No Return - RAM
Let You Down - The Cherry Dolls
Mind - The Dead Romantics
Devil Devil - V1
The Flood Is The Fault Of The Rain - L.A. Guns
Mr Doctor Man - Palaye Royale
Clear Your Head - Probably Not
Casting Stones - No Self
Room Of Nightmares - Black Label Society
Blister The Sun - The Violent Femmes
Eternal Sleep - Acid Mammoth
We Will Sing - Piratica
Sweet Loretta - The Virgin Marys
Infernal Liturgy - zhOra
The Couch Becomes The Bed - Flower King
(Social Anxiety) Heavy Weather - Ghost Guilt
This Years Thief - Way Back When
The Whole Of The Moon - Sophie Morgan
Breaking Dads (live) - The Backhand Jags
Over The Wall - Trucker Diablo
Witch Bitch - Cutlas
Red Before Black - Cannibal Corpse
I Came From The Sky - Bullfrog
The Rain - Shall He Dwindle
Shake Some Action - Penetration
I'll Be Your Monster - GWAR
Little One - Highly Suspect
Irritant - Mutation
Foreign Fire - We Came As Romans
Black Supremacy - Samael
Bright Lights - Sciatic Nerve
Happy Go Walker - Windshake
Smokey - Emmure
Barry Cryer - Jay Foreman
Roll Over Lay Down - Status Quo

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Countdown - Rush
Never Alone - Winds of Plague
Cruel To You - Wednesday 13
My Sweet Mystery - The Dark Element
Blind & Frozen - Beast In Black
M.I.A. - Act of Defiance
Walled City - Soul Remnants
Eulogy Of Hatred - Insurrection
The Fool - Zealots Desire
Strip Me Down (live) - Tyketto
Big Man - Status Quo
Houston, We've Got No Money - Hell In The Club
Rock 'n' Roll Is A Vicious Game - April Wine
People In The Valley - Ashton Lane
We Are The 0.01% - Jay Foreman
Money Lender - Ian Gillan Band
Elements And Things (live) - Blues Pills
Shes Money - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Break Down Your Walls - Nelson Can
Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth - Rhett May
Monsters - Sweet Little Machine
Blister - The Cherry Dolls
I Don't Mind - Penetration
No Borders - Pervers et Truands
Vergiften - Loser Youth
Fucking Pleb - Carnal Mastication
I'll Be In Peckham - Buster Shuffle
English Dream - Generation X
Angry Dolphins - Anubis
Candles - Acid Mammoth
Til The End Of The World - Jupiter In Velvet
Red Sun Black - iVardensphere
66 - Son of Alpha Centauri
Dominion of Sun - Fifth Density
Finest Work - We Could Build An Empire
Freedom Fighters - Mama's Boys
Lets Just Ride - Trucker Diablo
Get In Or Get Out - Wicked Stone
Nothing After Chaos - Shigeo Tamaru
Promised Land - The Ugly Kings