Sunday, 23 October 2016

Playlist 23-10-2016

Eleven Plus Eleven / Helen - Nine Below Zero
Bloodletter - Wovenwar
The Number Of The Beast - Electric Six
Geezer - Feeder
Life Of Leisure - Affairs
Nine To Five Freakshow - Cauda Pavonis
Voices - Tragic Earth
Sick (of Being Sick) - Mammoth Mammoth
Yellow Monkey - Desert Mammooth
Manipulator - Elephant Stone
Little Black Lines - The Last Ten Seconds Of Life
Through Stygian Catacombs - Ruinous
Supernova - Feed The Fire
Smoothskin - As It Stands
Ghost In The Machine - King Rat & The Desperadoes
Walking In The Shadows - Grim Reaper
Life In Berlin - Demon
Wrath - Grave Alter
Stronghold - Testerment
She's Tight - Steel Panther
Burning The Remains - Dreamarcher
Nuns Have No Fun - Mercyful Fate
Lost At Sea - Blank Atlas
Louisa May - The Backhand Jags
Aiming High - Jetslag
Live Delicious - Falls
Durch Die Waonde - Kanzler & Sohne
Half Life - Shark Infested Daughters
Gravity - Architects
The Brain Dance - Animals As Leaders
Touch Too Much - AC/DC

Extended Play Podcast

Bang Your Head - The Backhand Jags
Expect Equal Rights - Svalbard
Can't Carry On - Wild Lies
Looking Glass - Valient Thorr
Danse Macabe - Beholder
Aim For The Head - Cruzh
Narcotic Collapse - Solanum
Invincible - Feed The Fire
Warm Dildo - Spunking Octochoke
Clockworks - Meshuggah
A Wannabe - Pain
The Vessel - Lord Almighty
Made To Move - Delerium
Heavy Situation - Last Flight To Pluto
The Aftermath - Re-Armed
(Praise The) Electric Sun - Sahg
Ether - Bloody Hammers
Life Equals Pain - We Are The Catalyst
Let Em Burn - Skreamer
Apostle Of Pain - System of Hate
Sentient - Pelander
Dance With Me - Free From Gravity
Hotta - Sky

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Playlist 09-10-2016

This show featured guest co-host, Lupen Tooth vocalist and founder of the Bristol Horror Convention Tommy Creep

Rough Kids / Pams Moods - Kilburn & The Highroads
Funeral March - The Others
Demon Driven Man - The Answer
All My Friends Are Corpses / Pray For Daylight / Don't Say The Zed Word - Lupen Tooth
We're Having Fun - Tirade
Cold Hand Reaching - Nasty Lipstick
Bones - Nine Miles South
White Witch Of Rose Hall - Coven
Take Me Under - The Dead Romantics
Bang Your Head - The Backhand Jags
The Essence - Source
Supernova - Feed The Fire
The Curse Of Oakridge - Boxkite
Stand Up - Dusted
All Black And Hairy - Screaming Lord Sutch
Unnatural Light - Svalbard (UK)
Distant Dream - John Carpenter
Vultures - High Rise
Axeman Holocaust - Sanguelia
Impending Doom - Dreamarcher
Waiting For The Kill - Queensryche
Crows On A Wire - Alter Bridge
Divide The Minority - Feeder
Zombie Flesh Eaters (Main theme) - Fabio Frizzi
Temple Of the Seventh Death - Heleborus
Rockin' Zombie - Crewnecks
Digital Mausoleum - Xoth

Extended Play Podcast

Censorship - Wovenwar
Under the Thunder - Devilment
Life - Sonata Arctica
Adult Fiction - Marc Heal
One - The Survival Code
Cool Crunch Ride - Pink Fireball
No Way Back - Hacktivist
Killing Joke - Voodoo Vegas
Thread Of Life - Tardive Dsykensia
Jesus Rapes - Blasphemer
Round 2: Fight - Illyrian
Kiss The Girls - Chron Gen
Blood Drinkers and Hell Raisers - Seizzure
Erasing The Plains Of Existence - Cell
Ego - Apophys
Autopsy Incomplete - Scorched
King Of Whitewater - Seventh Wonder
Echo Chasers - A Sense Of Gravity
Beneath The Relics Of Old - Ravencult
They Will Know Another - Thy Art Is Murder
A Bissl Glick - Drescher
Main Theme (Star Wars) - Galactic Empire

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Live Set 05-09-2016 @The Thunderbolt, Bristol.

Mad Locust Rising - Agent Steel
Jack The Ripper - Screaming Lord Sutch
I Destroy - I Destroy
The Rascal King - Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Here ComesThe War - New Model Army
I Drink Alone - George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Tame of the Shrew - Lemmus Lemmus
Space Invaders - Inner City Unit
The Journey Of The Sorcerer - The Eagles
Five Years- David Bowie
Common People - The Wurzels
6 6 Fucking 6 - Onslaught
Surfin' Bird - The Ramones
 Fly The Flag - Stiff Little Fingers
All The Devils Toys - Deathstars
A Bissl Glick - Drescher
Himmelstrummer - Megaherz
The Butterfly Effect - Assemblage 23
Goth Girls Are Easy - Lesbian Bed Death
Queen of Air and Darkness - Cauda Pavonis
Jimi Hendrix Wont Help You With Your Maths Exam - Captain Hotknives
Amateur In The Pit - Hacksaw
Obey The Beard - Psychostick
God Save The Queen - Sex Pistols
HMS Disaster - Herb Garden
News Of The World - The Jam
Two Tribes - Warfare
Heaven Is A Halfpipe - OPM
Freewheel Burning - Judas Priest
Mars Needs Women - Rob Zombie
Rat In A Maze - Alien Stash Tin
It's So Easy - Guns & Roses
Arnold Layne - Pink Floyd
Rock And Roll Ain't Dead - Those Damn Crows
Bad Things - Wednesday 13
Kids In Tyne And Wear - The Toy Dolls
Knives And Pens - Black Veil Brides
Walk This Way - Aerosmith
Mystery Song - Status Quo
Bounce / Poison - The Lounge Kittens
Peace Sells - Megadeth
Main Theme (Star Wars) - Galactic Empire
Mr Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Playlist 02-10-2016

Crystal Ball / You Weren't Born, You Were Created - The Playn Jayn
The Fight - Operation Mindcrime
Symptom of Terminal Illness - The Dillinger Escape Plan
Darkest Horse - The Senton Bombs
Heir To Anger - The Dead Seeds
Open Road - The 109s
Breaking In - The Bete Blooms
Demons of Intricate Design - Allegeaon
Sometimes - City of Ashes
Gravity - Atala
Supernova - Feed  the Fire
Walking on the Ground - Bangers
Inside Outside - Spunking Octochoke
Everythings Gone - In Flames
Young Love - Amere
Be Very Afraid - Monte Pittman
Corfu 06 - The Broken Bones Gentlemans Club
The Fear Tree - Lesser Known Characters
Beat Them Hollow - Dreamarcher
War Machine (early demo version) - Jaguar
Bring Out Your Dead - Raging Speedhorn
Carbon Tomb - Machine Kill
Battle of the Beanfield - The Levellers
The Game - The Agonist
Salt of the Earth - Assemblage 23
At The Edge Of The World - Meshiaak
Aspirations - Good Tiger
Upside Down - Set It Off
Wasted Age - We Came As Romans
Lullaby - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
The Wrecking Ball Unchained - Wild Throne

Extended Play Podcast
My Eyes - Charred Walls Of The Damned
Raising Hell - Evil Invaders
What Is And What Never Should Be (live) - Led Zeppelin
Hellbender - Budgie
Radiation - Uforia
Witchboard - Old Chapel
King of Frauds - With Life In Mind
Bleed - Out Came The Wolves
Take It All - Pop Evil
Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion - Anaal Nathrahk
Invincible - Twelve Foot Ninja
Show Me Your Light - Henika
Ghosts Of Insanity - DGM
The Wolf You Feed - Bad Llama
Play It Cool - Crobot
Human - Highly Suspect
Mot I Brystet - Seigmen
Does Not Equal Time - Headless Kross
Deliverance - We Set Fire
Fallen From Grace - Chasing Ghosts
Plastic Wrap - Icons of Filth
When Right Is Wrong - Cry Of Dawn
In Darkness, The Path - Cloak
This City - Black Orchid Empire
The Great Stagnation - Crator
Symphony Of The Ego - Destrage
1BEhex - Master Boot Record

Friday, 30 September 2016

Playlist 25-09-2016

This show featured a studio interview with Blank Atlas

Credo / Internal Exile - Fish
Lost At Sea / Running / Miles Apart / Liars Eyes / Buried - Blank Atlas
Believe It - 3 Doors Down
Sick Brain - Dust Bolt
If Nothing Breaks Nothing Moves - Arcane Roots
The Wilde Flowers - Opeth
The Girl All The Bad Guys Want - Bowling For Soup
On The Brink Of Destruction - Serpentine Dominion
Arrow Of Entropy - Krypts
All Hail Science - Allegaeon
Poison In Your Veins - Alter Bridge
Square Hammer - Ghost
Snakes And Social Ladders - Tirade
What's Wrong - Annisokay
Tree (Part 7b) - Wim Oudjik
Agents Of Steel - Agent Steel
You Bring Me Down - Henika
Human Production - Antique
Stuck In Reverse - Deckchair Motorway Ghosts
Raise Your Horns - Amon Amarth
New Slaves - Dead Men Tell No Lies
Andromeda - Elephant Stone
I Don't Care Anymore - Hellyeah!
Prayer To The God Of War - Vadar
Tylko Ja I Ty - Dzem

Extended Play Podcast

Crusher - Necromancing The Stone
Pride Comes Before The Fall - Monte Pittman
The Kane Mutiny - Project 86
I Am Thunder God - Dethronator
Messalina - Bloody Hammers
Lil Miss Rock and Roll - The Defiants
Over And Over Again - Imperial State Electric
Everyone Relax - Chasing Cadence
No World Without You - My Only
Get Me To Saturday Night - Chris Pope & The Chords
Some Other Dude - Everywhere
Bring You Pain - Doomsday Outlaw
Asgardur - Skalmold
Blood Feather - Highly Suspect
Tornekratt - Kampfer
Subterranean Refuge - Osiah
Arbiters of the Apocalypse - Revocation
Wedlock Horns - The Senton Bombs
Blink of An Eye - Those Damn Crows
Head On Your Platter - Orphan Project
Happiness Aside - Hiraeth
Deviant Kingdom - Sheidim
Glass Walls - The Apex
Into The Wilderness - Early Hours
That Feeling - Major Fret

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Playlist 18-09-2016

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts / Kings Call - Phil Lynott
Rivalry - Airbourne
Hell Hits Me When I'm Down - Between Angels & Idols
Solas - The Answer
9 Lives - The Cheek Of Her
Chariot - Duskwood
Colours - Primer
Nostrum - Meshuggah
California - Monte Pittman
Bedburner - Hundred Suns
Our New World - Dream Theater (ft. Lzzy Hale)
Fritto Misto - Orso
Grenoble - Deadlines
Can I Get Through - Human Heat
All Hail Science - Allegaeon
Taboo - Brockley Forest
XYZ - We Merry Kings
How Do You Sleep - The Varukers
Sado Methodist - GBH
Plata O Plomo - Burjeria
Tears Of A Clown (live) - The Beat
Alfhiemur - Skalmold
Torn In Two - Henika
Bleed Em Dry - Grim Reaper
Obey The Beard - Psychostick
Thy Lord Belial - Act Of Defiance
Seven - River Becomes Ocean
Blackened Violet - Bedlam
Get Off The Boo Hoo Train - Imperial State Electric
All I Know - Chasing Alice
Pirates And Thieves - Imprints
Bounce - The Lounge Kittens
Rot With Me - Poison Headache
Stackt - Brant Bjork & The Low Desert Punk Band

Extended Play Podcast
Reach Radio - Tyketto
Straits - White Crosses
Hollywood - Mouses
Never Return - Fayda
Lust For Vengeance - Accuser
Lost Atlantis - Dragonbreath
Bring Forth The Raven - Enthean
Loremaster (Parts 1&2) - Scythia
La Distancia - Ornithorrinsos
Agonised Screams Of The Damned - Grotesque Ceremonium
Just Another - Jinjer
She Is Death - Griever
Self Destructive Haze - Tardive Dsykinesia
Alpha & Omega - King 810
Blackened - Blind Ego
Edge Of The Blade - Epica
Selves We Cannot Forgive - Black Crown Initiate
Bullet With My Name - Psychework
Brain Suck - Hard Charger
Hollandia - Ethen & the Reformation
Set My Feet And Leave - Svvamp
Chase The Scarecrow - Beauty To Ashes
I Turned To Stone - Budgie

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Playlist 11-09-2016

This show featured a studio interview with Rosetta's Ruin

Kuncklebones / Skyscraper - David Lee Roth
Blinded / Hands Of Heaven / Silhouettes And Sunsets / The Vow / Burden - Rosetta's Ruin
Raindrops - Ms Larsen (ft Ruud Joile)
Fire At Will - Kingbreaker
Gone With The Wind - Architects
Don't Waste My Time - The Blend
Drowning In My Addiction - Slaves
Will O The Wisp - Opeth
All Hail Science - Allegaeon
Cofiwch Dryweryn - Beacons
Never Take Me Alive - Drogo
Bones Exposed - Of Mice And Men
Afterlife - Charred Walls Of The Damned
Coma - Issues
Seen The Cry - Decipher Life
Come Find Me - Henika
Rapturized - Doom Crow
Tie Dye - Zed  Motel
From Hell - Grim Reaper
Bounty Hunter - Stromtrooper
La Prueba Defuego - Sepulcro
Ruled By Corruption - Descent Ark

Extended Play Podcast
Moon - Monkey 3
Skull Junkie  - Void King
Forged In Stone - Ominous Hymn
The Age Of Satan - Vimur
Flatline - Periphery
Fear of the Broken - Those Damn Crows
We Make Our Own Damned Luck - Autumn Ruin
Prison Planet - Fractal Cypher
Cold Cactus - The Ellipsis
One The Knees - Taiga
Better Half - TMHM
A Pox On Your House - Northern Crown
Sirens - Berries
One Eyed Girl - Hands Of Gretel
The Sacred Vow - Hammerfall
Ingressus Finis - SaHHaR
The Saviours Tomb - Dawn Of Disease
Reverse Gravity - In Ruins
Morning Hate - Ominous Eclipse
Criminal - Idlewar
Never Enough - Circle Of Reason
Crucifixtion - Giraffe Tongue Orchestra
Return To Me - The Spitfires
Happiness - Needtobreathe
Live It Well - Switchfoot
Our Boats Will Moor Up Again - Esther