Sunday, 21 May 2017

Playlist 14-05-2017

This show featured studio guests Discount Columbo

School Days / War Stories - Starjets
Discount Columbo / Oh Me Oh My Oh No / Hey, You There / What You Want / Take It Easy - Discount Columbo
Pegleg Potition - Alestorm
Pawn - Fizzy Blood
All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
Fire To The Sun - Jorn
Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
All In The Mind - Stray
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Killing Machine - Wolfsbane
Death By Diamonds And Skulls - Band Of Skulls
Confessions - Nuclear Oath
Rivers - Frank Turner
The Last Stand - Sabaton
The Coven - Below
Platform 8 - Vulgar Latin
Delusional Discovery - Tangerine Love Puppies
Behold The Man - Zygote
Riding With The Angels - Samson
Louder Harder Faster - Warrant
A Means To An End - Destrage
Life Afraid - Set It Off
Poor James Bond - Jay Foreman
Heart Cry - Wild Lies

Extended Play #37
Hot As A Dockers Armpit - Budgie
First World Solutions - Harlott
Amateur Sketch - Municipal Waste
Dark Matters - The One Hundred
It Depends On You - Brghtlight City
Blitzschlag - 8Kids
What Equals Love - Maximo Park
Your So Fine - Grinderswitch
TV Blues - UK Subs
Cider I Up Landlord - Chaos UK
Breaking The Chains - Adrenaline Rush
Annie - IDestroy
Cold World - Frontline
Diamond - Labyrinth
Mortal Awakening - Father Befouled
Razor Blade Regrets - Nuclear Oath
Ghostforce - Hate
Never - Decapitated
Hardships - Death Remains
Toybox - Ward XVI
The Tale Of Deathface Ginny - Seven Kingdoms
Methadream - Kikamora
From Sand To Dust - Madrost
Die For You - Starset
Discord - Dirty Machine
Corporate Rape - Citizen Rage
Fractal Patterns - The Summoned

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Playlist 07-05-2017

This show featured a studio interview with Dorja bassist Becky Baldwin

Endangered Species / Warhead - UK Subs
Fire / Not In Your Shadow / Reaching Out / Target Practice - Dorja
Bloodsick - Wednesday 13
Death Squad - Sacred Reich
Fahrenheit 451 - Hawkwind
98% - IDestroy
You Don't Know - Kobra And The Lotus
Chocolate Money - Purson
Waterweapon - Bury The Machines
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Pure Chaos - Dead Label
End of Time - Triaxis
Half Rats - Kikamora
Suffer In Silence - Below
You'll Never Burn Alive - Disbeliever
Nibbles and Dibbles Go Camping - A Pig Called Egg
Morse Code Messages - City Limits
Sickness - Create To Inspire
Days Of Self Destruction - CKY
Move Forward - Nelson Can
The End Of Time - Harbringer
Lost Not Found - Of Allies
First Night Back In Port - Ye Banished Privateers
Stranger - Paceshifters
Stargazer - Seven Kingdoms

Extended Play #36
This episode featured a short location interview with Fizzy Blood
It's All For Rock 'n' Roll - Airbourne
Top Of The Bill - Blood Divisions
Alone - Reckless Jack
The Hero - Maximo Park
Claim For The Dark - Mordrake
On The Wrong Side Of The Wire - God Dethroned
Viking Blood - Serpentyne
Tale Of Two Wolves - Dream Aria
Passover (live) - Peter Hook & The Light
Up & Drown / I'm No Good - Fizzy Blood
What About A Future? - Chaos UK
Terminal Remorse - Social Arsonist
1000 Broken Bones - Below
Behead The Dead - Cut Up
Empty Throne - Alazka
Up In Arms - Bloodclot
Love Pig - The Batfish Boys
Wild Horse - Gene Loves Jezebel
Cynical World - Tim Burness
From The Medicine - Into The Fire
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Feel - Skarlett Riot
(All These) Days - My Vitriol
Crows Foot - Typhoid Mary
Speak Of The Devil - Deaf Balloons
Left For Dead - Volumes
Doomer - In Technicolour

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Playlist 30-04-2017

This show featured a live phone interview with Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters

The Train Song / Wild Horses - The Flying Burrito Brothers
Kings Of Speed - Hawkwind
Deep Down In The South - Whiskey Meyers
Alone Together - Yorkshire Rats
19 Heures Au Quebec - Lunch
Beautiful Disaster - Cheap & Nasty
Bad Habit - Beth Blade & The Beautiful Disasters
Dangerous - Shinedown
Alestorm - Alestorm
Memory Palace (live) - Between The Buried & Me
Fire - Dorja
Two's A Crowd - Victory Lane UK
Blood On The Road - Heavy Load
These Are The Days - Tim Burness
Follow Me - Dream Aria
Fabuless - Stone Sour
With In This World - Mordrake
Facing Up To The Facts - The Jesus And Mary Chain
Animal - Doris Brendel / Lee Dunham
Gabriels Hounds - Torcha Shed
The Fight - Ward XVI
Sink or Swallow - The Run Up
Risk To Exist - Maximo Park
Prevail - Kobra & The Lotus
The Workers Are Few - '68
Lights Out - No Pulse
Speak Of The Devil - The Working Clash
The Jacket - Bellhound Choir
Breathe - Kovax
Swamp Liquor - The Batfish Boys

Extended Play #35
End Of The Road - The Ferrymen
Live Before I Die - Crazy Lixx
Victims Of Sacrifice - Gatekeeper
Burn It To The Ground - Corroded
Departure - Sorrow Plagues
Waves - Kovax
Between Us - Fearpassage
Love Will Tear Us Apart (live) - Peter Hook & The Light
Someone - Labyrinth
Made Of Stone - Andy James
Cold - Tombs
Oh George - Peaness
So Young So Bad - Starz
Let The South Wind Blow - Grinderswitch
The Mouth Wont Stop - Fear
Farmyard Boogie - Chaos UK
Sick Kids - Fjokra
Tear It Down - A Higher Demise
White Lines - Nine Miles South
Thrones - Ghost Bath
Orchestrator - FOES
You Don't Know - Kobra & The Lotus
Toss A Coin - Insanity
Point Mort - Lunch
I Saw The End - Pallbearer

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Playlists 23-04-2017

Dr. Hectors Travelling Show / Ashes And Stone - Grinderswitch
Devil On Hwy 9 - Danzig
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (live) - Dimmu Borgia
Atrocity Exhibition (live) - Peter Hook And The Light
Bury The Hatchet - The Malarkey
Oh Me, Oh My, Oh No - Discount Columbo
Atlas - Kovax
ieuD - Igorrr
Obliterated - Monte Pittman
Exodus (live) - Fates Warning
Target Practice - Dorja
Nothings Ever Really Gone - Under A Banner
Clarity - Layover
Black Souls - Liv Sin
Say My Name - V0iD
Stargazer - Seven Kingdoms
The World Ablaze - God Dethroned
Love App - Doris Brendel / Lee Dunham
Mood Rider - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Adoption - Stench
Entropy - A Higher Demise
It Runs On Blood Not Gasoline - Dean Friedman
Counter Culture - The Royal
Shot With A Needle Of Love - Crazy Lixx
Non Stop Madness - Treat
Outside The Wheel - Ghosts Of Social Networks
Lost In The Grey - Miss May I
Hour Glass - In My Disguise
King For A Day - Chaos UK
Satisfied Life - Death Side
Rock Six Times - Starz

Extended Play #34
Metal Forces (live) - Onslaught
Static Convulsions - Entropy
Kill The King - Intoxicated Rage
A Draught I Want - KidBrother
Nothings Gonna Hurt You Baby - Cigarettes After Sex
Gritos E Sussurros - Ceu Em Chamas
Into The Fire, Into The Storm - Avatarium
Oh Deer God - Widows
Vivid - SikTH
What Happened - Youth Killed It
Another Punk Rock Day - Chaos UK
Tree of Tales - Cydemind
Newsworth - Greenslade
Life In Velvet (live) - Between The Buried And Me
Night On Broken (live) - Fates Warning
Crystal Teeth - Uneven Structure
A Storm In Heaven - Enemo-J
Ghost In The Flames - The Five Hundred
Oxyacetylene - Cubanate
An Ocean Of Its Own - From Ashes To New
Give It To Me - January Girl
Beast - Puppy
Meat - Mass Matiks
Sins Of The Mechanical - The Interbeing
No Trace - Death Remains
Hand Of Hell - The Doomsday Kingdom

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Playlist 16-04-2017

Are You Ready For The Country / White Lies - Jason & The Scorchers
Arena Of The Future Lies - Tankard
Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Mammoth Mammoth
Carry Me My Bones - Corroded
Black Machine - Cirith Ungol
Transmission - Peter Hook & The Light
Endangered Species - Sister
Knees Are Clean - Murmur Tooth
Oceans Inside Me - Stone Garden
Lawless Britain - Chaos UK
Changes / Cro-Mags Jam - Cro Mags
Reaching Out - Dorja
How Do You Sleep - Tell Me I'm Pretty
Shark Attack (Surfs Up) - Lies
Vanishing - Longhouse
Breathe - Awakening Hyperia
World Gone Mad - Life Of Agony
Sinful Rapture - Antropomorphia
Can't Stop The Rock - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Balloon - Doris Brendel
No Secret - Tim Kasher
Persecucion - Luzbel
Eyes In The Sky - Matt Chanway
Juxtaposed - Trials (Swe)
This Life Is Old New Borrowed And Blue - '68
Apologize - One Desire
Through It All - From Ashes To New
Soul Seeker - The Nothin' Man
Johnny All Alone - Starz

Extended Play #33
Castles In The Snow - Seven Kingdoms
Cleanse The Bloodline - Unleash The Archers
Reminiscence - Aswekeepsearching
Breathe - Through Fire
I Need The Ooh! - The Picturebooks
Vampires - Frank Cater & The Rattlesnake
World Peace - Cro-Mags
Show Us You Care - Extreme Noise Terror
Kill Your Baby - Chaos UK
Join The Party - Alien Stash Tin
Simple - Booze And Glory
Animal Farm - Greenslade
Wild & Dead - Mammoth Mammoth
Knowhere - Courtesans
Vows - Flaunt
The Minor Mystery Of Death - Krysthla
Asuric Being - Hate
Temple Bells At Midnight - Phlefonyaar
Incube - Uneven Structure
Larvae Of Eden - Logic Of Denial
We Are Burning - Demon Head
Backbone - Call My Name
Blessed Is The Epoch Of Darkness - Excommunion
Tremble - R.I.P.
Stench Of Death - Raw Noise
Human - Highly Suspect

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Playlist 09-04-2017

Keep Your Hands To Yourself / Slaughterhouse - The Georgia Satellites
Bloodsucker - The Dahmers
Summer Shakes - Nightmen
Let You Down - Seether
Game Of Thrones Medley - Scythia
Hives - Rival Bones
No Solution - The Alibi
Breaking Now - From Ashes To New 
Hole In The Head - Mammoth Mammoth
Part The Waters - New Model Army
Please Myself - January Girl
When The Guns Fell Silent - Warbringer
Not In Your Shadow - Dorja
The Iron Lady Pt.2 - Splintered
No Sympathy - Stranded
Lima Love - Splanki
State of the Art - Incubus
Bound As One - ...And The Wasters
Mile In My Shoes - Spear of Destiny
See You In Hell - Attak
Twisted (Everyday Hurts) - Skunk Anasie
Song For A Secret - The Jesus & Mary Chain
Death and Taxes - Doris Brendel / Lee Dunham
Lighting To The Nations - Diamond Head
Under The Hammer - Marshall Law
Beyond The Sun - Woodhawk
Wrath Of The Ripper - Steve Grimmett
On The Wrong Side Of The Wire - God Dethroned
World Gone Mad - Life Of Agony
Dark Thoughts - Epi-Demic
Imperium Fall - Evocation
The Sooty Show - Jay Foreman
Too Wild To Tame - The Boyzz

Extended Play #32
Killing Peace - Onslaught
Hot 'n' Ready - Blood Divisions
Pisces - Jinger
Delusion - The Voynich Code
Animus - The Parasite Syndicate
Skitzoid Embolism - Terrifier
Communication - Revocation
Take Me Home - The Elk
Whiskey And Wine - The Nothin' Man
Reign Of Fire - House Of Lords
The Ballad Of Rick James - Cosmosquad
Stole Me - Space Juice
The Four Horsemen - Aphrodities Child 
Sinking Ship - Harem Scarem
Whore - Harlott
Midnight Flyer - The Night Flight Orchestra
Diamonds - Imminence
Black Rain - Eclipse
Pure Chaos - Dead Label
Help - Papa Roach
Gimme The Mic - All At Sea
Backlash - Seething Akira
Old Habits - CRNKSHFT
Velvet Curtains - Nightmen
I Remember - Bloody Youth
Pest Crusade - Mantar

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Playlist 02-04-2017

 This show featured studio guests Bristol Rocktronica outfit Cosmic Ninja

Born On The Bayou / Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Judgement Day / Hypnosis / Eradicate / Redefine - Cosmic Ninja
That Wasn't Easy - Inca Maps
Long For Air - Order Of Voices
The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring
Gateways (live) - Dimmu Borgir
Holy Wars (Punishment Due) - Megadeth
Hurt - Eclipse
Hortz Fur Dehn Strotehn West - Magma
Fire - Dorja
Pulidores De Tumbas - Sacrificio
Propane Nightmares - Pendulum
Urban Kids (live) - Chelsea
One World - Doris Brendel / Lee Dunham
Destined For The Flame - Dakesis
A Million Invisible Faces - Solars
Bingo - The Escorts
War On Peace - The Jesus And Mary Chain
Death In Fire - Amon Amarth
Black Mammoth - Fit For An Autopsy
Happy Your Gone - Straight On To Morning
Rat Boy - The Dahmers
Childbreaker - Bear
Asylum - Onslaught

Extended Play #31
Ambrosial - Ghost Bath
Woke Up Alone - Kill For Eden
Nothing To Loose - Girlschool
Resistance - Memoriam
Credulity - I, The Betrayer
Wherever They May Rot - Cut Up
Let There Be Rock (live) - Onslaught
Lands Of Ash - Decrepit Throne
Infinity Complex - Torrefy
Motherless - Trial
Adjust - Create To Inspire
Fata Morgana (live) - Fates Warning
Feast Of Torches - Alunah
Ritualistic Demise - Necromancing The Stone
Fuck Yeah - Blackwaters
Nimble Bastard - Incubus
City - Tashaki Meyaki
Devil Dancer - Warrant
On With The Action - UFO
As I Was: As I Am - Synaptik
Loud - Motionless In White
Crown Ov The Dead - Antropomorphia