Sunday, 22 October 2017

Playlists 15-10-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
One Hundred Punks / Psycho Beat - Generation X
Insane - Carvalera Conspiracy
Pumpkins United - Helloween
Standing On The Backs Of Angels - Tenements
Wasting - Peter118
Illuminant - Quicksand
Rock & Roll Is King (live) - Rose Tattoo
Knee Deep - DevilDriver
Your Whatever - Lectures
Friday 13th Pt.2 - F.K.U.
We Don't Know - Katalina Kicks
Larmes - Annees Zero
We Will Sing - Piratica
Ship Of Doom - Sorcerer
Die On Your Feet - Powerman5000
Retaliate - The Axioms
Weekends - Roads & Ruins
Someone - Fallen Child
Ugly Vitamin - Nasty Little Lonely
That's What You Get - Four Dead Crows
Yellow Thursday - Big Smile Revival
The Devil Made Me Do It - L.A. Guns
Pocket Full Of Changes - Trucker Diablo
Eat Your Words - Bigfoot
14th Floor - Television Personalities
White Male Privilage - Nick Noro
Todos Os Santos - Moonspell
Stay Ignorant - Don Broco
It's Not What You Say - Baited Hook
Ghost Of A Chance - Rush
Scared To Death - Tombstalker
Last Chance To Die Young - Regulus
Brian Wilson Is Still Alive - Itchy Teeth
Me Just Being Me - Robin Beck
Come To The Sabbat - Black Widow

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Full Steam Space Machine - Royal Republic
Sister Moon - Garrett
Games Without Frontiers - Inertia
Fade To Grey - Exit Eden
The Dragonfly - Soundstorm
Fatal Command - Panzer
Live In Fear - Lightscape
Aldebaran - The Hirsch Effekt
Drunk As Fuck - Terrifier
Addicted To Thrash - Hidden Intent
Storming Through The Gates - Burning Pantheon
Diablos - Aurea
Cum Hear The Band - April Wine
Old Habits - CRNKSHFT
Walking Wounded - Baleful Creed
We Will Conquer - Trucker Diablo
Who Are You? - The Who
Down In The Gutter - The Dukes Of Bordello
Jackies Got A Gun - Chelsea
Pig - Snakefighters
Attack Of The Feminazis - The Vaticunts
Never Thought - Leap Of Doubt
Cockney Kids Are Innocent - Sham 69
Bultur Maru - Na Cruithne
Someone's Learning - Status Quo
Colour Wheel - Arch Echo
Elysium 77 - My Children My Bride
Matriarch - The Black Dahlia Murder
Discover - Boom! and the Tiny Explosion
Break The Wave - Baited Hook
Let Him Burn - The Relentless
I'm A Mess - Frank Iero & The Patience
Repemption Per Cruciato - Pile Of Priests
If Only To Fall - No Sin Evades His Gaze
Stonewall Frank - Nelson Can
The Talisman - Act Of Defiance
Sleepwalking - Magnum
Babel - Glass Mind 

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Playlist 08-10-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Is Vic There / God Squad Saviour - Department S
Queen Of Darkness - Neuronspoiler
Don't Cause A Scene - V1
The Lost Star - Hedfuzy
Hell Yeah - Mary Jane's Affair
Sleeper - Boom! & The Tiny Explosion
Red Planet - Samael
No Brain No Headache - Missiles Of October
Viking Death Machine - GWAR
Lullaby Of London Town - The Quireboys
Scream (If Yer Wanna Go Faster) - The Dukes Of Bordello
At The Gates Of Winter - Drevorod
Eston Square - Across All Oceans
Now's Your Chance - Fleckt Pets
We Will Sing - Piratica
Face Your Demon - Hidden Intent
Drinking With Jesus - Fozzy
I Still Hate You - The Bottom Line
Copernicus - Rewire The Time Machine
Moonshine Runner - Doc Holliday
Voodoo II - Trucker Diablo
Steel The Sun - While She Sleeps
Tune To The Music - Status Quo
Overthrow - Veil of Maya
Silver Machine (moog experiment) - Vardis
Hells Wasteland - Bloodstrike
Daily News - The Exploited
Accidents Can Happen - Sixx A.M.
Perfect Poison - Rosevale
Saturday Night - Prophery Girl
Dead Clown Factory - The Vaticunts
Running Away From Monsters... - Weakdaze
Many Faces - Cope
Catvrix - Eluveitie

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut - Royal Republic
For A Bad Time - Galaxy Thief
Stars and Satellites - Threshold
Again - Yui
Angels of Wrath - Samael
One Chapter Closing For Another To Begin - Akercocke
Hypergiant - Prostitute
Autumn Leaves - Baleful Creed
Detroit Steel - Trucker Diablo
Rail-Grit-Line - Faces of Eve
Whatever Happened Happened - Stand Up Arcade
Simple Life - Track & Field
Blackwood - Tanglejack
Forever Fool - Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer
My Pink Penguin - Fosta
Walk With Me - Pennan Brae
One Night Of Passion - Magnum
Summertime - Mama's Boys
Sleeping Dystopia - Witch Charmer
Rise of the Lotus - Stone Lotus
Tooth & Nail - Cope
Hersham Boys - Sham 69
Get Out - Beaten Brats
Tony Concrete - The Working Man
The Promised Land - The Cruel Knives
Better With You - Shaded
Boogie No More (live) - Molly Hatchet
Sentience - Fifth Density
Light The Way - Calling Apollo
The Light, The Fire - Novelists
Obey The Beard - Psychostick
Draconian Dreams - Sex Gang Children
Death Dies Hard - Deathstars
Stay Dead - Dead Throne
Words Of Wisdom - Jinjer
Let 'em Burn - Nothing More
Lost In The Moment - We Came As Romans
Gloss Circuit - Deadname
Digital Degenerates - Dadar
Sleeping On The Job - Gillan

Playlists 01-10-2017

 BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Borstal Breakout / Rip Off - Sham 69
Kings Of Nightworld -The Black Dahlia Murder
Into The Fire - Asking Alexandria
Nothing Much Around Here - Windshake
Renegade - Hollywood Undead
Muse - Fallen Child
See You In Hell - Grim Reaper
Crazy Man - Baleful Creed
64 White Lies - Twister
Hope & Regret - Tanglejack
Death By Worship - Stye
Prison - Kid Presentable
We Will Sing - Piratica
Follow The Light - Eloy
Screaming For Vengeance - Judas Priest
Backscatter - Cavillers
Postcards - Beartrade
Touch - Donkey Punch
El Presidente - GWAR
Rock 'n' Roll - Baited Hook
Blood On The Swans - Kataklysm
Medicate Me - Canvas
When The Waters Rise - Trucker Diablo
Living Dead - Dead Hippie
Obey The Beard - Psychostick
Let Them Fall - Saint Vitus
Method of Delusion - Scapel
Little Miss Paranoid - Ravenheart
Sick - Death Blooms
Crash & Burn - Babylon AD
Under The Blue - Shigeo Tamaru
I Like Noise - They Called Him Zone
Little Love Letters - Sad Blood
Freedom Battle - Wytch Hazel

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
To Holmgard And Beyond - Turisas
When The Magic Is Gone - Artillery
Float - Damned Spring Fragrantia
Slay The Beast - Neuronspoiler
Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation
Code of the Slashers - Cannibal Corpse
My Dirty Girl - Steelheart
Opel - The Lucid Furs
Thats Why - Junior Astronomers
Go All Around The World (live) - Matt Trieber
I'm Sorry - The Ultimate 3
Tzizimine - Thumpermonkey
We Will Sing - Piratica
Lord 13 - Monster Magnet
Hanging Around - Dirty Thrills
Born Trucker - Trucker Diablo
You Are My Woman - Danko Jones
How Many Friends - The Who
Devils Child - Judas Priest
I Am The Dark - Black Forge
Speed Metal - Exterminator
Perfection Collapsed - Evilheart
Stillborn Monolith - Desscenery
Only A Whisper - Van Der Graaf Generator
57 Blinds - Khosouf
Primeras Armnas - Los Criminis
More Queers, Less Cops - Officer Dead
Here's To The Fatigue - Press To MECO
Survival Gear - Red Six
Hypnotica - Devil Electric
Soft Yellow - Feather Beds
That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Gulag - RAM
Iron Witch - Vuil
Our Dying Island - Skyclad

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Playlists 24-09-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
Judas / Ride Easy (live) - Asia
The Heart From Your Hate - Trivium
Doomsday - Architects
Going Postal - HVMM
I Am The Dark - Black Forge
Kneel Before You Die - Left For Red
Through These Eyes - Stormbringer
Runnin' The Undertow - The Lucid Furs
Jokers Smile - Mother Vulture
Born To Kill - Gillan
Caught Up - Buffalo Go
Turns To Black - Wrath & Redemption
Real Old Rock & Roll - Honeymoon Killers
Lets Just Ride - Trucker Diablo
Maybe - Amberian Dream
Akory Aby - Vatofant
Wardance - The Picturebooks
Insanity - The Buzz
Pissboiler - Radge Packet
Pretty Boy - Buster Shuffle
As Life Slowly Fades - Evil Invaders
Blind - Versive
When Home Feels Distant, And Distance Feels Like Home - Skies In Motion
Cheers - Sleeping With Sirens
Cut 'n Run - Paceshifters
Don't Let Go - Nightbreak
That's Why - Junior Astronomers
Dead Are Calling - Special Ops
Suicide - Nurse Of War
Otra Vez - Ebrios
Nightmare In A Damaged Brain - F.K.U
Fodosagan - Fintroll

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Turbo Lover - Judas Priest
Achingly Beautiful - Cradle of Filth 
Hated Blood - Panzerkrieg
To Be Tolerated - Destrage
Lied Fur Die Gotter - Nachtblut
Your Last Breaths - Suffocation
Far Gone - Dorja
Rat Hole - Janet Gardner
Eyes Like Ice - Airrace
Sacred Hour - Magnum
Situation Negative - Vardis
Fire In Athena - Lionize
Four Wishes - Forager
Running Out Of Time - Night Ranger
Requiem For The Drunk - The Dirty Youth
Thrive - Oni
Jokers Smile - Mother Vulture
Frames - Naut
Sweet Soul Sister - The Cult
Where Death Meets The Sea - Monolord
If Looks Could Kill - Primal Fear
Ich Lebe - Serum 114
Demon Driver - Gillan
Lechery Brought The Darkness - Rapheumets Well
Saturnian Mindscape Introspection - Nostoc
Wrath Of The Ancients - Malphas
Meet Week - First Signs Of Frost
Riverchrist - ZhOra
Cold Like War - We Came As Romans
Death Is Wasted On The Dead - Deathstars
Little Toy Soldier - Hell In The Club
Don't Tell Mama - Mamas Boys
Crimson Dawn - Kee Of Hearts
Naked - Reef
They Wont Stay Dead - The Morgues
Omen - The Great Discord

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Playlists 17-09-2017

BCFM Sunday Rockshow
This show was a preview special for the up coming Fire and Forge Festival
Crazy Daisys House Of Dreams / Run - Mama's Boys
Endure and Survive - Blaze Bayley
Far Gone - Dorja
98% - IDestroy
Grind 'em Down - Alien Stash Tin
Breathe - Awakening Hyperia
Forever's Yesterday - V0iD
Danielle - Syrencity
Inside The Electric Circus - W.A.S.P.
Caught Up - Buffalo Go
When Time Stood Still (live) - Sergeant Thunderhoof
Judgement Day - Cosmic Ninja
Robot Girl - Rival Bones
Extermination Day (early demo version) - Angel Witch
South Winter Wind - Black Forge
Bloodstained Winter (live) - Mordrake
Warriors Prayer - Fury
Requiem For The Drunk - The Dirty Youth
Nitro Nights - The New Roses
A Great Day To Be A Fish - Droll Man
War Hero - Audioclub
Panik - Metal Urbain
The Endless - Sinnergod
House Of Cards (live) - Carnival Club
Revelation - Naut
Waster - Mise En Scene
Wasting - Peter 118
Rotten - WellBad
Do You Dream In Color? - The Ultimate 3
Strip Me - Suzi Quatro

The Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Vigilante - Magnum
Rabbit Hole - Dirty Thrills
Just Like The Light - Tom Lumley
Summer Has Gone - Diablo BLVD
Out Of Sync - Empty Threat
It's A Long Road - Crimfall
Unfaithful - Exit Eden
Metalingus (live) - Alterbridge
Take Me Alive - Bigfoot
Beneath The Waters - Dawn Of Disease
Construct - Blind Spite
Whiskey - Footless Worms
Reptilian Woman (live) - Sergeant Thunderhoof
Scarabus - Ian Gillan Band
Sundown - Jack Found
Different State Of Mind - WellBad
No Friend Of Mine - The Groove Farm
Edge Of Heaven (live) - Tarot
All The Days - Mammoth
One Last Breath - Sparzanza
King Of Storms - Ensiferum
Carrion Whispers - Nader Sadek
Endless Mourning - Inner Suffering
Drek - Durge
Radar Love - White Lion
Sid Vicious In A Dress - Powerman 5000
Fuck This Place - GWAR 
You Always Look The Same To Me - Neck On The Woods
Joanne - Ricky Baugh
Nightwalking - Mystery Spring
Mysterious Monolith - Eloy
Holiday Inn - Captain Asshole
K Town - Downpipe
Wild Thing - The Goodies

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Playlists 10-09-2017

 BCFM Sunday Rockshow
The Real Me / Amazing Journey - The Who
The Idol - W.A.S.P.
Until The Grave - Paradise Lost
Open Up - Blank Atlas
Anxious Punks - Worst Witch
Keep On Screaming - The Beaulieu Porch
Radioman - Tangerine Love Puppies
Where Theres Mods Theres Rockers - Vadis
Is It - Teen Mortgage
All Of My Life - Magnum
Caught Up - Buffalo Go
Scorched Earth - Van Der Graaf Generator
The Good Enough - World War Me
Prototype - Seek Solace In Ruin
Head On A Spike - Thy Demise
Hell Of A Scene - Comeback Kid
Om Asato Ma Sagamoya (live) - Sergeant Thunderhoof
I Don't Believe A Word You Say - Buster Shuffle
Waster - Kid Kapichi
Do I Look Scared To You? - The New Roses
Where The Arrow Falls - Dark Forest
The Witches Eyes - Seven Sisters
Karma - Cyhra
I Don't Wanna Be Rich - Guilty Razors
Heliophobia - Empty Threat
Walk The Earth - Europe
On The Judgement Of The Sun - Plague Cross
Riding With Zombies - Warcall
Sid Vicious In A Dress - Powerman 5000
In The City - No Warning
Puppet Master - Thy Art Is Murder
Elvis Is Dead (live) - Peter & The Test Tube Babies

Rock Druid on Astro Radio
Red Planet - Samael
Into The Fire - Cripper
Star Chamber - Tyrants Reign
Into The Wormhole - Kadavar
Skyfall - Exit Eden
Immortal Melancholy - Epica
Interstellar - Desert Mountain Tribe 
The Sun Song - Eloy
I I Sing Softly - Gillan
Dirty Weekend - Ulysses
Freak & Mind - Tangerine Love Puppies
A Lack Of Feel - Tender Cage
Self Help - Three Kings High
Grace & Focus - You Win Against Gravity
The Endless - Sinnergod
Way Of The Warrior - Ensiferum
Seven Seas Of Madness - Alien Stash Tin
Deal With The Devil - Hazzerd
Bette Davis Eyes - Moonlight Desires
Himmelsstrummer - Megaherz
Snake Girl - NaNa
Vampire In Ghost Town - Orden Ogan
Skaret I Smastykken - Undergang
Glasshouse - Of Allies
Open Up - Blank Atlas
Blood - Skywalker
Crap Californian Punk Band - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
Rat Poison - Red Cocks
Sacrilegio - Decraneo
Shogun - Chair Warrior
Tough Of The Track - Grand Prix
Names For Things - My God Is The Sun
Welcome To My World - Hermits Maze
The Pyromancer - Hallucinatorium
Last Ride - Danzig
Home - Theia
December - Appletop
Another Day - Jaww

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Playlists 03-09-2017

Restless / Future Shock - Gillan
Burnt To The Ground - Horrorwood Mannequins
I'm Right Here - El Ten Eleven
Lady Velvet - Devil Electric
Until Falls The Rain - Crimfall
Rain - Josh Todd & The Conflict
Burn - Sinnergod
Worn & Torn - End Of Green
Brought To Ruin - Phantom Sea
End Of Our Days - Rob Jarvis & The Mercury Suns
Something Buried - The Spinoff
Architect Of Fortune (live) - Circus Maximus
Caught Up - Buffalo Go
K Town - Downpipe
Lets Be Friends - Jaww
I Walk The Void - Timeless Wounds
Storm Son - Enslaved
Aphosis-Black Dragon - Belphagor
More Than Magic - Prey Drive
Absolve - The Contortionist
All The Pretty Girls - The Darkness
Shepherd - Protosequence
Sea Of Time - A Devils Din
Angels & Demons - Sinicle
One More For The Road - The New Roses
Sunshine Of Your Love - Smack
Cemetery Gates - Pantera
Full Of Blood - The Great Russian Empire
Ticket To Nowhere - Electus
History Of A Drowning Boy - Cranely Gardens
Ghost Of A Rose - Blackmores Night
We Can Rule The World - The Nights
Satellite - Starset
The Day We Caught The Train - Ocean Colour Scene

Extended Play #53
Military Man - Gary Moore
Skeleton In The Closet - Bob Kulick
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Exit Eden
Infatuation Overkill - Grave Pleasures
Mine To Reap - Portait
Got Me Running - Steelheart
Kneel Before You Die - Left For Red
Blackness From The Stars - Planet Eater
Through These Darkened Halls - Buried Realm
Aral Sea - Cegvera
Invisible Self - Hermits Maze
Five Moons - Ian Gillan Band
Join The Party - Alien Stash Tin
Built By Dogs (Pts 1 & 2) - Leviathan Owl
Red Flags - Fires
A Note To Me (acoustic version) , Corroded
Breathe You In (acoustic version) - Ashton Lane
Bad Penny - Rory Gallagher
Europa - Santana
The Sin & The Sentence - Trivium
Ain''t No Rest - Wicked Stone
One In A Million - Vs
Hippycrate - Janet Gardner
Take Hold Of The Flame (live) - Queensryche
Doomsayer - King Leviathan
Brace For Impact - Power Theory
Sex Witch - The Order Of Chaos
Thrown To The Floor - Solid State
None Of Your Fucking Business - Peter & The Test Tube Babies
Disciples Of The Dark - Sorcerer
Die Baby Die - Kadavar
Deep Calleth Upon Deep - Satyricon
Far Gone - Das Fluff
Wake Up Little Suzi - Suzi Quatro