Saturday, 19 August 2017

Playlist 13-08-2017

 (this show was a special non-stop music mix featuring a number of listeners requests)
Painkiller - Judas Priest
Thats What Dreams Are Made Of - Tank
Ghettoblaster -Moscow Death Brigade
Epic - Faith No More
Women In Uniform - Iron Maiden
Morning Dew - Nazareth
In The Name Of Metal - Bloodbound
I Just Like To Be Bad - Blue Oyster Cult
Transmission - Joy Divison
Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols
Fly The Flag - Stiff Little Fingers
Kids In Tyne & Wear - The Toy Dolls
7 O'Clock - Quireboys
Monster Rock - Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
Masters Of The Universe (live) - Hawkwind
Market Square Heroes - Marillion
Don't Kill The Whale - Yes
Anger In Harmony - Wishbone Ash
Truckin' - Grateful Dead
Healing Field Nazis - The Mad Cows
The Man Who Sold The World - Here & Now
From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser - Jethro Tull
Arrive Alive - Pallas
Come To The Sabbat - Black Widow
Lady In Black - Uriah Heep
The Journey Of The Sorcerer - Eagles
Knight Of The Swords - Diamond Head
Blind In Texas - WASP
Common People - William Shatner
Silver & Cold - A.F.I.
In The Navy - Alestorm
Crabulon - Evil Scarecrow
Shine - Motorhead
Turnin' Texan - Alien Stash Tin
Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers - ZZ Top
Mean Streak (live) - Y & T
Knucklebones - David Lee Roth
Live With Me - Girlschool
Denim & Leather - Saxon
The Body Electric - Rush
We Rock - Dio

Extended Play #50
End of The World - Gary Moore
Rust - Monolord
Destiny Is All - Outright Resistance
The Groundfeeder - Tethra
The Legend Of The Five Suns - Prezir
Whispers Of Ages - Damage Rite
Awaken From The Dark Slumber - Wintersun
Cascades - Skies In Motion
What If? - Moments
If This Isn't Love - Ghosts Of Social Networks
All This Life - Starsailor
The Comparison Game - Laurie Biagini
The Boneman - Sounds Like Winter
Impossible - Exit Eden
Tonight - The Midnight Ghost Train
Zero - V0iD
Be Kind - Mr. Big
Renegades - Quiet Riot
Unity - World Trade
Dreaming Of A New World - Tim Burness
Twist Of Fate - Riot
Silence Has Died - Burnt Black Rebellion
I Become Death - Crash Street Kids
If You Want Me - Janet Gardner
Shine My Machine - Suzi Quatro
Blood As Salvation - Saturns Husk
Outer Body Disorder - Prevenge
Under Human Eyes - Occasvs
Mother of Unbelievers - Crimfall
Golden Age - From Sorrow To Serenity
The End Of Us All - A Higher Demise
Seasons Of Black - Rage

Playlists 06/08/2017

Shapes of Things / Nuclear Attack - Gary Moore
Blood & Chaos - Paradise Lost
Shinigani Fell - Deadly Circus Fire
Pagan Forces - Bolg
Your Problem Now - Janet Gardner
Veins - Feeder
Epistle To Dippy - The Groove Farm
Ugly Veg - Peaness
Life Aint Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair) - The New Roses
The Comparison Game - Laurie Biagini
Mr. Sinister - Powerwolf
Fly To The Rainbow - Scorpions
Say My Name - V0iD
Titled - Edgerville
One Life - Your Loss
Diamonds And Gold - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Dire Wolf - Grateful Dead
I'll Be With You - Dirty Thrills
Slow Kill Genocide - Bloodclot
Roll This Joint - Quiet Riot
If All Your Parts Don't Make A Whole - Press To Meco
The Plague - The Sinyx
Surrender Control - Comeback Kid
Jekyll & Hyde - Ten
Fade To Grey - Exit Eden
Svart Vatten - Tunga Moln
Cold - Katalina Kicks
Pilli On Pajusta Tethy (live) - Korpiklaani
Walk With Me In Nightmares - Tombs
Islands - Youth Killed It
Peppermint - Twin Visions
Upper Class - Stokes Croft
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (live) - The Levellers
Hello Japan - Russkaja

Extended Play #51
Centuries Of Suffering - Testament
Wanted (live) - RPWL
Waiting For A Rockstar - Devil Fire
Living In The Sand - Woodhawk
From Beyond - Crafteon
Kingdom - King Leviathan
Alien Skies - Fury UK
Light Me Up - Kobra & The Lotus
Little England - Alien Stash Tin
Eating You -Violet Waves
Crazy Fingers - Grateful Dead
Planet Rockaroller (live) -Crash Street Kids
Strict Machine - Suzi Quatro
Kill On Sight - Planet Eater
Visions Of Tartarus - Fractured Spine
The World Is Yours - Arch Enemy
Amaranthine - Hundred Suns
Stand Together - The Rhetoriks
Anomalys - The Guilt
White Rabbit - kid Brother
Sharp Elbows Sharp Knees - This Ends Here
There Is No Hope - Wolfbeast Destroyer
I Lost My Leg - Randall Skeffington
Stepping On Legos - Puppy Brother
Frontline - The Selector
Daytime - Jane
I Lost My Baby - Fleetwood Mac
I Bring Death - Dead Man Risen
A Life Lost - Devolver
Martyrs - Portrait
Lost In Translation - Threshold
Smile - TesseracT
Mankind Will Have No Mercy - Goatwhore
Death Comes With Silence - HeadCrusher

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Playlists 30-07-2017

This show featured a location interview with doom metal outfit Alunah

Rhiannon / Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
Come On - Living Colour
Stroll On - MuteMath
Petrichor / A Forest - Alunah
I Wanna Swing Like Peter Parker - Hell In The Club
The Comparison Game - Laurie Biagini
Waster - Mise En Scene
Lawman - Dirty Thrills
Speed - L.A.Guns 
Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks) (live) - The Grateful Dead
Blood In The River - Zeal & Ardor
What Is This Witchcraft? - Alright
Clown Caves - White Plum
Mountains - Psy:code
Game Over - Fury (UK)
Hold Me - Ward XVI
Go To War - Nothing More
El Traidor - Mark 1
Dream Catcher - Faces Of Eve
Cerebus In Slumber - Tides Of Kharon
Lefeas Vampyrer - Tunga Moln
Warhead - Wild Lies
Breathe Grease - Municipal Waste
Bottom Feeder - Neck Of The Woods
Inadequate - Rings Of Saturn
Re-Imagine - The Contortionist
Vacation - Dirty Hands
Seven Enemies - Hatebreed
Chef De Cuisine - Russkaja
Breakaway - Death Angel

 Extended Play #48
The Come Up - Shamans Harvest
The Watchers Nest - The Midnight Ghost Train
June - Tigers Jaw
Life Aint Easy (For a Boy With Long Hair) - The New Roses
Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) - Suzi Quatro
Seven Seas Of Madness - Alien Stash Tin
Useless Information - Lady Gothenburg
Smile Back At Death - Blaze Bayley
Earth Wizard - Howling Giant
Send In The Clowns - End Of Green
Hit Parade - MuteMath
Berlin - Crash Street Kids
Rock 'n' Roll Star - Jane
This Is The Moment - Kryptonite
Egypt - Mercyful Fate
Dark Energy - Temple Of Lies
Null & Void - Sonus Mortis
Black Rose - Volbeat
Ceremony Of Innocence - Helpless
Kyldur - xGaddavirx
Reptilian Humanoid - Snailcrawler
Forest - Better Than Mending
Walk With Me - Pennan Brae
Wings - Masters Of The Radio

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Playlists 23-07-2017

This show featured a location interview with Joyce Manor

Union City Blue / One Way Or Another - Blondie
Castle of Glass - Linkin Park
Black Is The Soul - Korn
Hail To The Hordes - Kreator
For Those About To Fight For Metal - Ensiferium
Fake ID / Schley - Joyce Manor
Our Favourite Delusions - Plastic Barricades
Tripping The Light Fantastic - Laguna Park
Centuries Of Decay - Centuries Of Decay
Law Man - Dirty Thrills
Battle Katz Assemble - Kringer & The Battle Katz
This Is The One - The Holy Dead
Hide - Badlake Hill
At The End Of The Day - Blaze Bayley
One Song Woman - Alien Stash Tin
Oh Lord - In This Moment
In My Eyes - Minor Threat
Bang On The Door - Fjorka
Crystal Ball - Ward XVI
Koolaid - Accept
Waterfall - Jane
Bromance - Better Than Mending
Baby Got Gone - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Someday - Best Ex
Ink - Veridian
All The Pretty Girls - The Darkness
Damn, I'm In Love Again - Mr Big
Second Chance - Itemfinder
Negative Creep - Horrorwood Mannequins
600 Cops - Fuser
Fist Over Hand Over Fist - Under Glass
Best Day - No Mercury
Church Bells - Fights And Fires

Extended Play #47
Come With Me To The Otherside - Orden Ogan
Hammer Of Vulcan - Execration
Velociraputre - Dark Waters End
Perimortal - Dawn Of Disease
Prison Of Light - KLOGR
Vultures - The Cartographer
Faded From Existence - Mordrake
On The Day Of The Dead - Alien Stash Tin
Penthouse - Crash Street Kids
Kings Are Falling - Riot
Space Cadets - Suzi Quatro
Gargoyles Awake - Necromandus
Ball Breaker - Guitar Petes Axe Attack
Baphomet - Belpheor
While They Were Sleeping - Canderia
Bat Pussy Car Bomb - Toe Tag
Murder Castle - Mordatorium
Broken Mind - Temple Of Lies
Satin Night - Riviere
I Always Never Said That - Pardon Us
Drama - Obey The Brave
Working The Line - The Goodies
Look Alive Sunshine - First Sign Of Frost

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Playlists 16-07-2017

This show featured studio guests, Bristol band The Malarkey

Rock Hard / Official Suburban Superman - Suzi Quatro
Bury The Hatchet / Change The Record / In This Nightmare - The Malarkey
Human After All - Hell Hounds
Mare Mare - Russkaja
Vicious - Lou Reed
Somewhere Somehow - Comeback Kid
This Night Has Opened My Eyes - The Smiths
Irreversible - Sorrows Plague
Death On The Stairs - The Libertines
Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Summertime - Gene Loves Jezebel
Within The World - Mordrake
Blackheath (pts 1&2) - Demon
Law Man - Dirty Thrills
Dictators - Oaths
Temple Interment - Wode
Axe Victim - Axe Witch
Heartbreak & Seance - Cradle Of Filth
Defying Gravity - Mr. Big
Run For Your Lives - Ward XVI
Miss England - The Set Backs
Salvation - Savage Void
The Quiet Elude - Chris Blackwood
Scythe In The Dark - Abhorrent Decimation

Extended Play #47
Raise Your Fist Evangelist - Powerwolf
The Last Of Stands - Crimfall
Viking Blood - Serpentyne
Apex - Unleash The Archers
Show Me The Way - All 4 1
The Wild King Of Winter - Ten
Paper The House - Theia
Break Me - The Forgotten Age
Coming Home - Falling In Reverse
I'm Not Going Home - Jess & The Bandits
Sophies Song - The Dirty Youth
If I'm Coming Back - Violent Gin
The Kids On Dope - Crash Street Kids
Bullets - Labyrinth
Toy Boy - Fheels
Pulse - The Alibi
Dream Of You - Ye Banished Privateers
Devils Dance Floor - Flogging Molly
We All Bleed Red - Stormtroopers Of Death
Obscene - Pig Tusk
Humping On Your Leg - Pablo
My Life Is Fucking Pointless - The Jeffery Uppercut
Budget Cuts - The Unborn
Good Pain - Yoke Lore
Run - Wildwood Kin
November Wolves - Tombs
Departure - Deference
Witches Ladder - Corpselium
Disappear - Akercocke
Turn On The Darkness (live) -  Between The Buried And Me
Cricklewood - The Goodies
Sky Falls - Blood, Dirt & Bone
Dracul - Dead Man Risen
Rebirth In Chaos - Aokigahara
Like Wolves To The Throat Of The Lion - King Leviathan
That's So Yesterday - World War Me

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Playlist 09-07-2017

 This show featured an exclusive phone hook up with The Alibi

Peace Through Superior Fire Power / Blood Kiss - Cauda Pavonis
In Blood We Trust - Powerwolf
Everything Went Black - Black Dahlia Murder
Send In The Clowns - End Of Green
Last Confession - The Dirty Youth
No Solution / Pulse - The Alibi
Symmetry -  7 Minutes In Heaven
Not Included - Expect The Worst
If I'm Coming Back -  Violent Gin
Chinese Rock - Crash Street Kids
Law Man - Dirty Thrills
July Morning (live) - Uriah Heep
Island In The Sun (live) - Graham Bonnet Band
Radio Forever - Masters Of The Radio
Chewing Bees - Forever In Debt
The Longest Winter - Paradise Lost
Skinned and Burned - Phobophillic
Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast - Hellgoat
Toy Box - Ward XVI
Cascade - Wovenwar
Charlie Was A Good Boy - Dogs
Down Here (Wanted Death or Alive) - Orden Ogan
The Revolution Starts Tonight - Riverdogs
Lost Boy - Dead Man Risen
Manic - Bloodclot
Nayhoo - Chon
Shades of Autumn - Abandoned Palace
Animal - Diablo Blvd.
We Are On Fire - Hell In The Club
17 - Of Allies
Bad Machine - Riot

Extended Play #45
Fragments of Faith - Lacuna Coil
Darkness Machine - Adagio
World Inferno - Entrails
Prayer For The Undying - Heleborus
Pick Clean My Bones - Piss Viper
Settle For Less - Hypersick
Judgement Day - Cosmic Ninja
Lifnej - The Hirsch Effekt
Constellations - Novelas
Speak English Or Die - Stormtroopers Of Death
Thinking In The Dark - The Macc Lads
Lost Weekend - Pardon Us
I Will Turn Your Manod Green - The Big Drum In The Sky Religion
The Refuge - Sonus Corona
The Sorcerer Of Isis - Power Of Zeus
The Leavers (Pts 1-5) - Marillion
Here To Dance - Alpaga
Opus Brain - Igorrr
2 Rotten - Hacktivist
Gracious World - Affairs
Fallen Out Of Love - Harrison Bond
Rain Of Sorrow - Tearful Moon
All The Colours Of The Dark - Bloody Hammers
Take My Hand / The Art Of Manipulation - Ward XVI
Way Of The Storm - Tombs
You Don't Know - Violent Gin
Bloodstreets - Riot
Hard Ride - Raven
The Door - End Of Green
This Damn Dead Circus - The Hyde Project
Sick - Death Blooms
Last Apology - Hundred Suns
Peephole - System Of A Down

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Playlist 02/07/2017

 This show featured studio guest local children's author and metal fan Sal Parker.

All Fired Up / Shadows Of The Night - Pat Benatar
Downcast - Waking Theo
Gracious World - Affairs
Wrestle The Devil - Edguy
Ignorance - Sacred Reich
10 Years Today - Bullet For My Valentine
Hypnosis - Cosmic Ninja
You Don't Know - Violent Gin
Law Man - Dirty Thrills
Blind - Korn
Oy Kanada - Protokult
The Armed Struggle - Minor Fourth
Soldiers Of The New Babylon - Bloodclot
This Is Absolution - Killswitch Engage
Day Trip To Geddon - Beermageddon
The Flight - Ward XVI
Wolfbiker - Evergreen Terrace
Bird In A Cage - Danxia
Mossed In Space - Last Bee On Earth
Road To The Moon - Vavoura Band
Caffine - Skywalker
Taking Time - Savannah
In The Walls - Seven Kingdoms
Adoration - Rage
Too Tough To Die - Reverend & The Makers
Seasoning The Obese - Stormtroopers Of Death
Blah Blah - Destrage

Extended Play #44
Am I Evil (live) - Diamond Head
Angel of Wrath - Samael
Hate - Mutation
Juliette - The Nights
Seraphic - Ghost Bath
The Ladder - Adagio
Ziet - 8Kids
Slaves Beyond Death - Thy Art Is Murder
Influence Of The Magi - Zaum
Earth Scar - Decapitated
Burn The World - Portrait
Haunter - Samurai Tiger
Save My Grace - Discount Columbo
Get High (No I Don't) - Maximo Park
DVDs - Two White Cranes
I'm A Riot? Your A Fucking Riot! - The Blackout
Don't Fear The Sweeper - The Macc Lads
Nazareth - Sleep Token
The Desert Winter - Canyon Of The Skull
Just Couldn't Stand The Weather - Sasquatch
98% - IDestroy
Ward XVI - Ward XVI
Metal Is Forever (live) - Primal Fear
Oathbreakers Curse - Khazaddum
False Walls - Unleash The Archers