Sunday, 25 June 2017

Playlist 18-06-2017

Who's Hobo / Flophouse Nightmare - Minus
Truckin' - Diamond Head
Shellshock - Onslaught
Chasing Dragons - Adrenaline Mob
Forevers Yesterday - V0iD
World Gone Crazy - Gene Loves Jezebel
Punk For Life - Ambition Demolition
Be The Grizzly - Death Valley Knights
In The Witch House - Freakangel
They Gave Me A Lamp - Public Service Broadcasting
I Would Lie - Violent Gin
The Awakening - Secret Sphere
Blackened Heart - Ward XVI
Idolatry - Abominate
Here's To The State - Pardon Us
Into Eternal Fire - Entrails
Swords & Tequila (live) - Riot
Absolute - Comeback Kid
Panic Attack - Shitty Life
Life On Death Road - Jorn
Blackmoon - Cellar Darling
Yellow Cave Woman - Velvett Fogg
These Aren't Mirages - Artificial Language
Epona - Eluveite
En Bedemands Bekendelser - Undergang
Wisdom Of Heretics - Phylactery
Everybody Needs A Little Truth - Mr Big
Die Fleisch - Venom Inc.
Straight White Man - The Rocking Horse Club
Fields of Sorrow - Orden Ogan

Extended Play #42
Dentonate - GraVil
Hartsick - Our Hollow Our Home
Golden Cufflinks - SiKth
A Whole Child Ago - Biffy Clyro
Blessed Company - Donnie Willow
Heaven Is My Hell - Enemo-J
Theatre Of War - Apocalypse Orchestra
En Valdig Isvidds Karga Drakt - Vintersorg
Mountains - Cistem Failure
Greed & Lust - Chew Gravel
Five Stages Of Numb - Riksha
Maid of Ale - The Macc Lads
Chasing Dragons - Adrenaline Mob
Bad Bad Company - Radiation Romeos
The Calling - Secret Sphere
The Starless Sleep - Avatarium
Fire Of Thornborough Henge - Alunah
Breathe - Faultlines
While You Can - Chris Hamilton
Whelmed - January Thompson
New Ways To Bear Witness - Byzantine
Blanquttes Avenue - Fights & Fires
Corner Of Your Eye - Gentlemen
Eastindiaman - Ye Banished Privateers
My Poison - Theia

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Playlist 11-06-2017

16 Year Old Doom / In The Name of Rock 'n' Roll - Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix
Carry On Wayward Son - Anthrax
Land Of Hope And Glory - Richie Blackmores Rainbow
G_D Knows What - Nervous City Nervous Self
Replaceable - CKY
Cry Wolf - The Ferrymen
Intentions Aren't A Crime Yet - Enemo-J
That Millennial - Inca Maps
Empire - Jay Wud
Svart Mane - Vintersorg
I Would Lie - Violent Gin
Here Be Monsters - Apocalypse Orchestra
Seven - 1818
Blue Eyes Cold - The Neon Madmen
Girl From Outta Town - The Black Butterfly
Skulls & Daisies - Danzig
Rock Til You Drop - Raven
We're Comin' Afta You - Antidote
I.D.I.O.T. - Mutank
Dreamwalker - Jorn
Dawning - White Noise Radio
Le Marcha De Los Que Vienes - Astralis
Running From Our Lives - Tom Lumley
Live Forever - Years Before
Welcome To The New Disaster - Riverdogs
Illusion Of Choice - Temple Of Lies
Angel Eyes - Riot
Sea of Rubble - Hate
All The Way To Galway - Ye Banished Privateers
Chevel - Igorrr
Wild Thing - The Goodies
Jingo - Santana

Extended Play #41
Welcome To My Show - The Ferrymen
Here Until Forever - In Flames
The Other Side - Red Sun Rising
Ravenblack - Edguy
Coolangatta - WACO
Party Animal - Desensitised
Fucked With An Anchor - Alestorm
Like Crows Of The Earth - Tethra
Lightning Strikes Twice - Iron Maiden
Kann Mich Jemand Horen - 8Kids
Nagasaki Sauce - The Macc Lads
Flamme - Alpaga
The Flattery Stakes - Greenslade
In A Movie (live) - DGM
Years Slip Away - Dream Aria
On The Road Again - Auresia
Eyes Of The Law - Here Lies Man
Rituals - Deity
Iron Harvest - Heresiarch
Blood - Bloody Hammers
Don't Need Your Money - Raven
The Dead Cry Fo No One - The Comes The Silence
Born For Greatness - Papa Roach
Annihilation Crusade - God Dethroned
Return To The Void - Execration
Apnea - Currents

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Playlist 04-06-2017

Red Lights / Woman of the Night - Uriah Heep
Needle and Suture - Metal Church
Headlights - Veridian
Pure Chaos - Dead Label
Man on the Edge - Iron Maiden
You'll See - Desenitised
Cold War Love - Black Star Riders
Get Away Closer - Eckman Dredge
Give It Up Brother - Slydigs
One Foot In The Grave - Tankard
4 Minute Warning - Chaos UK
I Would Lie  - Violent Gin
A Life To Die For (live) - Royal Hunt
Haunt Me - Invoker
Falling Into You - Low Orbit
They Came For Me - The Kirkz
Crystal Ball - Ward XVI
Condolences - Wednesday 13
Let Go - Xander & The Peace Pirates
Rage Of The Pentahook - Alestorm
The Optimist - Jorn
The Rise Of Chaos - Accept
Nothing To Do In A Town Like Leatherhead - The Head
God Damn - Avenged Sevenfold
Closer - Mise En Scene
Baby Got Gone - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Spirits Of The Night - Crisis
Survival Of The Sickest - Evocation
Robert - Igorrr
In Metal We Trust (live) - Primal Fear
Ghost - Normandie
Gumen - Orden Ogan
If You Wanna Get To Heaven - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Extended Play #40
The Matriarch -  Unleash The Archers
Sad State Of Affairs - The Night Flight Orchestra
Recoil - Figures
Axe Crazy - Jaguar
Kingslayer - Seven Kingdoms
The Curse - Promethium
(Just Another) Soldiers Song (live) - Alien Stash Tin
Gob On You - Chaos UK
Kill The Creator - Code Orange
Hypnotica - Devil Electric
Signed Sealed Cemented - Theia
Holes In The Sky (live) - Vandem Plas
Kali - Bloodclot
Blackpool - Bear
Secret Love - Bellevue Days
Save Me - City Of Ashes
What Equals Love? - Maximo Park
Are You Ready To Fly? - Snakecharmer
Eighty Miles To Memphis - Grinderswitch
Am I Bothered? - The Mad Cows
When Two Men Kiss - Oi Polloi
Happy Never After - Bleed Again
A Plague Upon Us - Headcrusher
Learn To Be - Brian MacKey
Sugar Box - Dronningen
Chaos Arcane - Goatwhore
White Circles - Synaptik

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Playlists 28-05-2017

This show featured a live phone interview with Burnt Out Wreck vocalist and ex-Heavy Pettin' drummer Gary Moat.

Shout At The Devil / Third Light - The Alarm
Blackened Karma - Rage
After The Rain - All 41
In For A Penny In For A Pound - Bailer
Slime & Punishment - Municipal Waste
Rocking Man / Talk About Love - Burnt Out Wreck
Fed To The Lions - Tax The Heat
Upon A Pale Horse - Below
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Secular Sabbath - Rage Cave
Superhuman Colossus - Charger
Feeling Ungodly - DevilDriver
Mirror Mirror (live) - Blind Guardian
Release The Hounds - Corpse Hoarder
On Foot Outta The Grave - Michael Monroe
Svatmesse - Kvelertak
A Crackwhores Confession - Alien Stash Tin
Challenge - Cellar Darling
Healing Field Nazis - The Mad Cows
Complainer - Ex-People
The New Reality - Code Orange
Here Today Gone Tomorrow - Harem Scarem
Gunslinger - Promethium
Labours Of Loathing - Scalpel
Exonerate - A Trust Unclean
1992 - Mr Big
Anomaly's - The Guilt
Song 3 - Stone Sour
Ghost Riders In The Sky - The Shadows

Extended Play #39
Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
Lies In Your Eyes (live) - Diabulus In Musica
You Love Me Cause I Hate You - Lacuna Coil
Death March - The Raven Age
Vengeful Ascension - Goatwhore
Distorted Mesh - Divinity
Last Confession - The Dirty Youth
No Grave But The Sea - Alestorm
Rotten Alive - Feeding
Hunt The Rich - Oi Polloi
Police Story (live) - Chaos UK
Commas & Zeros - Deez Nuts
Square One - Bad Sign
Day Of The Lords (live) - Peter Hook & The Light
Inmate 666 - Dead Asylum
It's Us - Moscow Death Brigade
Wasted Breath - Malevolence
Killer - Katalina Kicks
This Higher Ground - Tess Of The Circle
Everything Will Be Fine - Leviathan Owl
I Want To Go Back To The Happy House - Sacred Ape
Secrets Of The Demigods - Rapheumets Well
Money Talk - Era 9
Breaking Bridges - Andrew W Boss
Moves Like Hagga - Major Fret
Mind Over Metal - Raven
Hammerhead (live) - Samson
Deceptive Signal - The Interbeing

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Playlist 21-05-2017

Boot Down The Door / Ar Ceols Ar Canan - Oi Polloi
Rusty Cage - Soundgarden
Diamonds - Diamond Head
Ashes Of Dawn - Dragonforce
Mexico - Alestorm
Empire Of Silence - While She Sleeps
Requiem Of The Drunk - The Dirty Youth
All For One - Raven
21st Century Digital Boy - Bad Religion
Papers Please - Moscow Death Brigade
You Make My Motor Run - Alien Stash Tin
Tidal Waves - A Flourishing Scourge
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Gringo - Camulus
Insanity - Callout
Gruel - Lumer
What I'm Running From - Blood Youth
Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof
Axe Crazy - Jaguar
Inside Out - Samson
Disappearing Into Nothing - Below
She Doesn't Love Me - Cramp
The Perfect Blue - The Pocket Gods
The Walking Dead - The Dead Romantics
Serial Murder (Death Squad) - Entrails
What Your After - Within Rust
Oh Marie - The Burnt Tapes
Cool Runnings - Tashaki Miyaki
Sunstroke Heart - Samarkind
Hit The Monarchy - The Rising Few
Make It Last - Abandoned Souls
Last Ride - Danzig

Extended Play #38
Alive - The Firelight Opera
Judas - Fozzy
Fucked With An Anchor - Alestorm
Boot On Your Face - Cistem Failure
Skin - Temple Of Lies
Return To The Abyss - Suffocation
Dominion Over Bone - A Trust Unclean
Bed Mood - Serial Chiller
Famous - Black Lime
Killing Fields - Violent Betty
I Like It Hot - Wolfsbane
Ultraviolence (live) - Peter Hook & The Light
Viva Evil - PIG
Counterpane - The Birthday Massacre
Follow Me Under - Snakecharmer
Blood & Salt - The Charm The Fury
New York State Police (live) - UK Subs
Shadow Guide - Unleash The Archers
Laying Down The Law - Cloven Hoof
Guts - Budgie
Gutterslut - Amputator
Kolossos - Karkaos
Shadows Inside - Miss May I
Kettlehead - Chaos UK
This Time - Discount Columbo
Zerbrechen - 8Kids
Bear Knuckle Beat Down - Sacrificial Slaughter
For The Glory Of Satan - Unholy Baptism

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Playlist 14-05-2017

This show featured studio guests Discount Columbo

School Days / War Stories - Starjets
Discount Columbo / Oh Me Oh My Oh No / Hey, You There / What You Want / Take It Easy - Discount Columbo
Pegleg Potition - Alestorm
Pawn - Fizzy Blood
All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
Fire To The Sun - Jorn
Blitzkrieg - Blitzkrieg
All In The Mind - Stray
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Killing Machine - Wolfsbane
Death By Diamonds And Skulls - Band Of Skulls
Confessions - Nuclear Oath
Rivers - Frank Turner
The Last Stand - Sabaton
The Coven - Below
Platform 8 - Vulgar Latin
Delusional Discovery - Tangerine Love Puppies
Behold The Man - Zygote
Riding With The Angels - Samson
Louder Harder Faster - Warrant
A Means To An End - Destrage
Life Afraid - Set It Off
Poor James Bond - Jay Foreman
Heart Cry - Wild Lies

Extended Play #37
Hot As A Dockers Armpit - Budgie
First World Solutions - Harlott
Amateur Sketch - Municipal Waste
Dark Matters - The One Hundred
It Depends On You - Brghtlight City
Blitzschlag - 8Kids
What Equals Love - Maximo Park
Your So Fine - Grinderswitch
TV Blues - UK Subs
Cider I Up Landlord - Chaos UK
Breaking The Chains - Adrenaline Rush
Annie - IDestroy
Cold World - Frontline
Diamond - Labyrinth
Mortal Awakening - Father Befouled
Razor Blade Regrets - Nuclear Oath
Ghostforce - Hate
Never - Decapitated
Hardships - Death Remains
Toybox - Ward XVI
The Tale Of Deathface Ginny - Seven Kingdoms
Methadream - Kikamora
From Sand To Dust - Madrost
Die For You - Starset
Discord - Dirty Machine
Corporate Rape - Citizen Rage
Fractal Patterns - The Summoned

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Playlist 07-05-2017

This show featured a studio interview with Dorja bassist Becky Baldwin

Endangered Species / Warhead - UK Subs
Fire / Not In Your Shadow / Reaching Out / Target Practice - Dorja
Bloodsick - Wednesday 13
Death Squad - Sacred Reich
Fahrenheit 451 - Hawkwind
98% - IDestroy
You Don't Know - Kobra And The Lotus
Chocolate Money - Purson
Waterweapon - Bury The Machines
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Pure Chaos - Dead Label
End of Time - Triaxis
Half Rats - Kikamora
Suffer In Silence - Below
You'll Never Burn Alive - Disbeliever
Nibbles and Dibbles Go Camping - A Pig Called Egg
Morse Code Messages - City Limits
Sickness - Create To Inspire
Days Of Self Destruction - CKY
Move Forward - Nelson Can
The End Of Time - Harbringer
Lost Not Found - Of Allies
First Night Back In Port - Ye Banished Privateers
Stranger - Paceshifters
Stargazer - Seven Kingdoms

Extended Play #36
This episode featured a short location interview with Fizzy Blood
It's All For Rock 'n' Roll - Airbourne
Top Of The Bill - Blood Divisions
Alone - Reckless Jack
The Hero - Maximo Park
Claim For The Dark - Mordrake
On The Wrong Side Of The Wire - God Dethroned
Viking Blood - Serpentyne
Tale Of Two Wolves - Dream Aria
Passover (live) - Peter Hook & The Light
Up & Drown / I'm No Good - Fizzy Blood
What About A Future? - Chaos UK
Terminal Remorse - Social Arsonist
1000 Broken Bones - Below
Behead The Dead - Cut Up
Empty Throne - Alazka
Up In Arms - Bloodclot
Love Pig - The Batfish Boys
Wild Horse - Gene Loves Jezebel
Cynical World - Tim Burness
From The Medicine - Into The Fire
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Feel - Skarlett Riot
(All These) Days - My Vitriol
Crows Foot - Typhoid Mary
Speak Of The Devil - Deaf Balloons
Left For Dead - Volumes
Doomer - In Technicolour