Sunday, 16 July 2017

Playlist 09-07-2017

 This show featured an exclusive phone hook up with The Alibi

Peace Through Superior Fire Power / Blood Kiss - Cauda Pavonis
In Blood We Trust - Powerwolf
Everything Went Black - Black Dahlia Murder
Send In The Clowns - End Of Green
Last Confession - The Dirty Youth
No Solution / Pulse - The Alibi
Symmetry -  7 Minutes In Heaven
Not Included - Expect The Worst
If I'm Coming Back -  Violent Gin
Chinese Rock - Crash Street Kids
Law Man - Dirty Thrills
July Morning (live) - Uriah Heep
Island In The Sun (live) - Graham Bonnet Band
Radio Forever - Masters Of The Radio
Chewing Bees - Forever In Debt
The Longest Winter - Paradise Lost
Skinned and Burned - Phobophillic
Demonic Worship Of The Horned Beast - Hellgoat
Toy Box - Ward XVI
Cascade - Wovenwar
Charlie Was A Good Boy - Dogs
Down Here (Wanted Death or Alive) - Orden Ogan
The Revolution Starts Tonight - Riverdogs
Lost Boy - Dead Man Risen
Manic - Bloodclot
Nayhoo - Chon
Shades of Autumn - Abandoned Palace
Animal - Diablo Blvd.
We Are On Fire - Hell In The Club
17 - Of Allies
Bad Machine - Riot

Extended Play #45
Fragments of Faith - Lacuna Coil
Darkness Machine - Adagio
World Inferno - Entrails
Prayer For The Undying - Heleborus
Pick Clean My Bones - Piss Viper
Settle For Less - Hypersick
Judgement Day - Cosmic Ninja
Lifnej - The Hirsch Effekt
Constellations - Novelas
Speak English Or Die - Stormtroopers Of Death
Thinking In The Dark - The Macc Lads
Lost Weekend - Pardon Us
I Will Turn Your Manod Green - The Big Drum In The Sky Religion
The Refuge - Sonus Corona
The Sorcerer Of Isis - Power Of Zeus
The Leavers (Pts 1-5) - Marillion
Here To Dance - Alpaga
Opus Brain - Igorrr
2 Rotten - Hacktivist
Gracious World - Affairs
Fallen Out Of Love - Harrison Bond
Rain Of Sorrow - Tearful Moon
All The Colours Of The Dark - Bloody Hammers
Take My Hand / The Art Of Manipulation - Ward XVI
Way Of The Storm - Tombs
You Don't Know - Violent Gin
Bloodstreets - Riot
Hard Ride - Raven
The Door - End Of Green
This Damn Dead Circus - The Hyde Project
Sick - Death Blooms
Last Apology - Hundred Suns
Peephole - System Of A Down

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