Sunday, 18 June 2017

Playlist 11-06-2017

16 Year Old Doom / In The Name of Rock 'n' Roll - Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix
Carry On Wayward Son - Anthrax
Land Of Hope And Glory - Richie Blackmores Rainbow
G_D Knows What - Nervous City Nervous Self
Replaceable - CKY
Cry Wolf - The Ferrymen
Intentions Aren't A Crime Yet - Enemo-J
That Millennial - Inca Maps
Empire - Jay Wud
Svart Mane - Vintersorg
I Would Lie - Violent Gin
Here Be Monsters - Apocalypse Orchestra
Seven - 1818
Blue Eyes Cold - The Neon Madmen
Girl From Outta Town - The Black Butterfly
Skulls & Daisies - Danzig
Rock Til You Drop - Raven
We're Comin' Afta You - Antidote
I.D.I.O.T. - Mutank
Dreamwalker - Jorn
Dawning - White Noise Radio
Le Marcha De Los Que Vienes - Astralis
Running From Our Lives - Tom Lumley
Live Forever - Years Before
Welcome To The New Disaster - Riverdogs
Illusion Of Choice - Temple Of Lies
Angel Eyes - Riot
Sea of Rubble - Hate
All The Way To Galway - Ye Banished Privateers
Chevel - Igorrr
Wild Thing - The Goodies
Jingo - Santana

Extended Play #41
Welcome To My Show - The Ferrymen
Here Until Forever - In Flames
The Other Side - Red Sun Rising
Ravenblack - Edguy
Coolangatta - WACO
Party Animal - Desensitised
Fucked With An Anchor - Alestorm
Like Crows Of The Earth - Tethra
Lightning Strikes Twice - Iron Maiden
Kann Mich Jemand Horen - 8Kids
Nagasaki Sauce - The Macc Lads
Flamme - Alpaga
The Flattery Stakes - Greenslade
In A Movie (live) - DGM
Years Slip Away - Dream Aria
On The Road Again - Auresia
Eyes Of The Law - Here Lies Man
Rituals - Deity
Iron Harvest - Heresiarch
Blood - Bloody Hammers
Don't Need Your Money - Raven
The Dead Cry Fo No One - The Comes The Silence
Born For Greatness - Papa Roach
Annihilation Crusade - God Dethroned
Return To The Void - Execration
Apnea - Currents

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