Sunday, 14 May 2017

Playlist 07-05-2017

This show featured a studio interview with Dorja bassist Becky Baldwin

Endangered Species / Warhead - UK Subs
Fire / Not In Your Shadow / Reaching Out / Target Practice - Dorja
Bloodsick - Wednesday 13
Death Squad - Sacred Reich
Fahrenheit 451 - Hawkwind
98% - IDestroy
You Don't Know - Kobra And The Lotus
Chocolate Money - Purson
Waterweapon - Bury The Machines
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Pure Chaos - Dead Label
End of Time - Triaxis
Half Rats - Kikamora
Suffer In Silence - Below
You'll Never Burn Alive - Disbeliever
Nibbles and Dibbles Go Camping - A Pig Called Egg
Morse Code Messages - City Limits
Sickness - Create To Inspire
Days Of Self Destruction - CKY
Move Forward - Nelson Can
The End Of Time - Harbringer
Lost Not Found - Of Allies
First Night Back In Port - Ye Banished Privateers
Stranger - Paceshifters
Stargazer - Seven Kingdoms

Extended Play #36
This episode featured a short location interview with Fizzy Blood
It's All For Rock 'n' Roll - Airbourne
Top Of The Bill - Blood Divisions
Alone - Reckless Jack
The Hero - Maximo Park
Claim For The Dark - Mordrake
On The Wrong Side Of The Wire - God Dethroned
Viking Blood - Serpentyne
Tale Of Two Wolves - Dream Aria
Passover (live) - Peter Hook & The Light
Up & Drown / I'm No Good - Fizzy Blood
What About A Future? - Chaos UK
Terminal Remorse - Social Arsonist
1000 Broken Bones - Below
Behead The Dead - Cut Up
Empty Throne - Alazka
Up In Arms - Bloodclot
Love Pig - The Batfish Boys
Wild Horse - Gene Loves Jezebel
Cynical World - Tim Burness
From The Medicine - Into The Fire
How Animal Are You? - Slydigs
Feel - Skarlett Riot
(All These) Days - My Vitriol
Crows Foot - Typhoid Mary
Speak Of The Devil - Deaf Balloons
Left For Dead - Volumes
Doomer - In Technicolour

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